Only One Naked

For people interested in being the only naked person among dressed people. Art modeling is one obvious scenario. Have you ever stripped at a party? Walked or run naked in Bay to Breakers? Any other way to be uniquely naked in front of a crowd of dressed people?

only one naked ? Love the idea

I am curious and would like to hear about some of the experience other have had with CFNM

The only one naked on the beach

Both myself and my wife found ourselves being the only nudist on the beach and we loved it x.

Naked in front of the neighbour.

During a recent conversation with a neighbour, he revealed that he is a home nudist. He said that he was nearly always naked at home and that it was his guilty secret. Of course I told him I did the same, and suggested he come over for a naked...

Hiking nude

Have had some experiences meeting clothed people while hiking nude. Some rude people but most are really cool and sometimes stop to chat

My experience being the Only one naked.

I wrote this experience down on another site....I thought I would share it here. Hope you enjoy. Once when I was in the navy our ship pulled into the Port of Miami. A few of my buddies and I had decided it would be a good idea to head down to Key...

Naked on the streets of San Francisco

A few of years ago, it came to my attention that it was legal to be naked in San Francisco. Sadly, as of 2015 that's no longer the case, but back then it was. At least so I heard. So when I found myself on a business trip out there, I decided to...

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Naked in school dream.

Years ago, I had one of those dreams of being without clothes in school. The difference between this dream and ones that I had when I was younger was that I felt no discomfort about being in the buff... I have wondered in the past how it would feel...


nederlanders in deze groep? Anyone in this group from the Netherlands? love to be naked with other people

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Is there anyone in Minnesota (particularly the Twin Cities) who'd be up to be the clothed guy in a CMNM scene?

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Re: naked in front of others

I have some gay girls friends of mine and some of them especially one in particular comes over to see me at home for a glass of wine and a chat. I always stay naked in front of her. I also do stay naked in front of my maid and they all remain with...

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