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Childhood dreamin

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Last night for the upteenth time since my first viewing at a tender young age of around 10 yrs old, i watched "Herbie the Love Bug"! The cars featured, oh those magnificent automobiles from the 1960s! I saw them all! E-Types, Ferraris, Maseratis, Lamborghini, Cobras, Tigers, Lotus, Bizzarinis, Astons, MG, Triumphs, Porsche; even a Marcos GT. Rolls Royce and Bentley. Talk about product placement : Appollo GT as the yellow "Special" I think i even saw a Bradley GT in the background! All my favourite cars back then and right now. My forever favourite era and makes; then for the first time in my life I saw myself that little kid in Herbie with my dad driving on country roads on sunday afternoons dreaming we were in a high end sports car. OMG I grew up in VW Beetles since my Dad worked for VW for over 20 yrs dreaming of all those magnificent sportscars which i hoped to also own and race one day and its only now at 61 that I realized why this little bug was so endearing to me as well. I was again a grinning 10 yr old and my gearhead albeit financially restrained dad was there driving me around as we pretended to be in a high end sportscar! Rest in peace papa my dream continues

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RE:Childhood dreamin

What fond memories that brought back. It is great to look at some of those old movies for the fun times they had, the slap stick comedy even. Also the oh so politically wrong things.

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RE:Childhood dreamin

Go for it dude. 1st gen RX7s r alot of car for the pckg. So restore it. Ill b revamping my '53 ford over winter

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