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For people who go, are going, want to go, will go, have gone, went to Gunnison Beach. Organize meetups and other Gunnison-related stuff.

Missed opportunity

I just received notice that my Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan will no longer reimburse me for State and National Park admission. I never knew it did. I could have used my health plan for nude sunning and swimming at Gunnison and didn't know it....

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Sandy Hook Traffic

How has it been coming in and out on Saturdays this summer? I know the last time I came years back; it took at least a half hour to leave the weekend I was there. I hope the supposedly new bridge solved those problems.

Beach buddy

Hi all... I am hoping to get down to the beach this Tues or next Tues (middle of August), and wanted to see if anyone wants to hangout on the beach. Send me a message and let's chat!

Friday, July 7

Planning on going. Will set up near the abandoned lifeguard stand. Hope some of you can join me.

Tuesday 6/27

Anyone going Tuesday 6/27? I am planning it. Would love some company!

Tomorrow, Thursday, 6/15

Made a last-minute decision to go to Gunnison tomorrow, Thursday, 6/15. I will set up near the unused lifeguard stand. If you would like to see a picture of me to link a face to my name, I am the person on the far left of the picture on the left at...

Bodies--dead ones--at the Hook

Through May of 2023, two dead bodies have been found at or near our favorite naked beach. On May 22, someone in a boat found a man floating a mile or two north of Sandy Hook. He was wearing jeans. They haven't figured out who he is. On May 6, a...

Not Quite

In August of 2018 we drove 725 miles to New Jersey to visit Ellis Island, the Statute of Liberty and Gunnison Beach. The day we boarded the ferry to the islands was sunny and warm. We had a wonderful time seeing the sights including NYC from afar....

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last few beach days

Looks like Wednesday 10/20 and Thursday 10/21 will be nice days in the 70's in the afternoon. I am heading to Gunnison both days to enjoy the warm weather. Most likely the last few naked beach days this year. Hope to see some of you there!

Gunnison 9/20

Went to Gunnison yesterday. Very good day. Ideal air temperature, light breeze, busy but not crowded. Water cooler than expected but tolerable. Revised signage around outdoor showers area clarifying that it is not in the clothing optional zone. One...

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