I Always Sleep Naked

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Going commando?

How many people, in addition to sleeping nude, don't wear or own any underwear, panties, bras? I started sleeping nude when I was 6 and started freeballing at 7 with the encouragement of my dad who also slept nude and went commando. How old were...

Sleeping naked

I have slept naked since I was about 8 years old, much to my mothers surprise when she found me naked in bed when she pulled the sheets back. I never liked pj's and always felt liberated when nude. When I got married, my wife very quickly...

I Love to be Naked in Bed

I love to be naked in bed all year round and i have done this since i was young

Business trip

Yesterday I went to another city for my work, due to paperwork I had to stay overnight in that city, when I got to the hotel as I was going with the driver from my office, we shared a room, we got settled in and asked for dinner and I asked for an...


Hello everyone on here this is the reality of life can you allow your children to be a nudists like us ???????

aaah fresh line dried sheets

Today was a perfect day to wash the sheets and pillow cases from the bed and hang them, the blanket and mattress pad and pillows in the fresh air and sunshine and good breeze. All done in the buff, the clothes line is in view of the road, but once...

Nude at friends place.

I have always slept nude was at friends place and she walked in the bedroom and I wasnt covered she asked if I wanted coffee I said yes she came in with the coffee totally nude we stayed that way all day.

Tricking my mother in bed

From the age of about 13, I would trick my mum in to thinking I always wore pyjamas in bed every night. I would sleep all night nude but with my clean pyjamas in the bed in case she came into my room during the night, but in the morning I would get...


This is the only way to sleep never owned Pjs

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Donate PJ's ?

After several years of sleeping nude I cannot imagine EVER going back to wearing PJ's. It is so much more comfortable. It's much cooler, to snuggle in the crisp, clean sheets. I have a whole drawer full of PJ's, I may as well donate them!