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Pajama Run

This is extracted from an e-mail I received today, While they are asking people to run in their favorite pajamas, I don't think they want any of us to do so. Register now for the Fanwood Breakfast 5K & Pajama Fun Run, taking place on Sunday...

began sleeping nude in the second or third...

mom would dress me in PJs but I couldn't sleep. I end up taking PJs off because the arms and legs would kind of wrap around my arms and legs and pull against my body when I turn over. So I took them off in bed. It wasn't long that I took off...

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New to nudism (18 yo)

Heyoo I turned 18 a week ago and Im looking for an experienced nudist to talk with. I can talk here but I'm more active on telegram (@Ragnarwos)

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Another new member

Hi all like to be friends. My sleeping nude has progressed to where I have taken a nude hike and being nude around the house when alone. Sleeping in the nude is very freeing and relaxing I never even thought about being caught sleeping in the nude...

Promising start

I am on a 2 week tour of the Baltic nations for my birthday. Part of the time I will be sharing a room with a fellow traveler. British kid in his 20s. He seemed genuinely okay with me stripping down to sleep. He has already emerged from the bathroom...


My wife has been sleeping in just a t shirt or pajama top that just covers in front but leaves much of her rear exposed. She doesn't put a bottom on until after her shower or she is ready to leave the house. Of, course she only does the latter...

We enjoy sleeping nude

HI all, we r a couple of nudist cousins here and and most of the time we have chances to be naked, either on our own or together, w e enjoy sleeping nude and thats something so relaxing i am sure many wud agree we wake up rejuvenated. Thanks for...

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Told to sleep nude

I am also a member of the Nude Sleepers Forum. Many men and a few women have said that at some point one or both parents told them that they were too old to wear anything to bed and had to start sleeping nude. Did that happen to any of you? As a...

Possible Cruise

Considering a Cruise on the Norwegian Jade. It has two casual outdoor restaurants. It said something about come as you are, even in your swimsuit or pajamas. I suspect that my only "pajamas" or favorite "swimsuit" is not what...

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