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I heard a long time ago that it's healthy for your body to sleep nude.. Letting your body air out so to speak. I can not sleep wearing anything now..it feels to restrictive

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What are your thoughts about sleeping nude in...

Does it gross you out? Do you bring your own sheets? If you are like me, as soon as you get in the hotel room the clothes come off. What are your thoughts?

Sleeping Naked Story

I posted this tidbit to a discussion in the Mens Room. I thought it would be fun for here too: I have a friend that used to be my travel buddy for conferences we would go to. She was a great travel buddy because her job let her get all sorts of...

stains on the sheets/blanket

I dont want this to become perverted but I have wondered......I am sure people have experienced this at some point but never seen it addressed.Men become aroused on and off thru the night while sleeping. With arousal come pre-ejactilate (precum).How...


I am very new here and have been recently fascinated by the concept of sleeping without clothes. Came across the group and was attracted to the similarity with my thoughts. I would be more than happy and grateful if a few people would take out a...

Before and After Sleeping

How long before bed time do you get "changed" into your (lack of) sleepwear? How long do you wait in the morning before getting dressed?

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Holiday Sleepwear

Saw a display in a store yesterday for mens holiday "lounge pants" Maybe they realized that most men don't actually sleep in them!

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2/3 of millennials sleep nude . far bigger percent than us baby boomers. There is hope that nudism will continue. Once they find out that there is no good reason to put clothes on after they get up.

Tricking my mother in bed

From the age of about 13, I would trick my mum in to thinking I always wore pyjamas in bed every night. I would sleep all night nude but with my clean pyjamas in the bed in case she came into my room during the night, but in the morning I would get...