Next To Nude Attire 4 Compliance

This group is for when you must meet minimum requirements for being clothed. Many places in cities people are allowed to wear skimpy lingerie and or kinky micro thong bikinis in order to be considered clothed. Here you can post your pictures of at least wearing a cotton swab, even the nude bike ride in San Diego requires a piece of electrician tape over a nipple in order to pass nudity laws. Some...

Tan-Through Clothes

Morning all. Any experiences with tan-through clothes? I recently purchased a pair of tan-through swim trunks, they are awesome and very comfortable and cool. My concern is that they are also see through especially in the right light. Therefore I...

Washing my car

I was washing my car in this tight thin white dress and I got a little carried away with the hose but the water felt so good. I think the neighbors really enjoyed it! I sure did!

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I love wearing next to nothing

I have yet to find how little I can get away with in public while wearing my Brazilian micro thong string bikini when I was out shopping.

Men or women?

Just wondering what everyone's opinion is on men wearing lingerie.

Lingerie In Public Should Be The Norm

I love parading around the house in my skimpy lingerie and walking out the door in such comport feels so normal, America needs to allow lingerie in public as being normal if we are to make America Great Again! Don't you all agree, and I added...

Orient beach St Martin

On textile end of beach trying to wear as little as possible .

Watering the garden

I'll usually wear something very skimpy, such as the below, when watering the garden or doing chores outside in my front yard. My back yard is relatively private and I feel that I can be nude and not noticed so I tend to wear nothing at all....


A great thing about see-through shorts and skirts is that I look covered at a distance but all is visible when close. I've had many a positive reaction when people come close and realise they can see everything.


I like to wear a thin cloth tied as a toga. One shoulder is bare and it is completely open down the other side. It feels like I'm naked but I'm sufficiently covered for a textile location - until the slightest breeze lifts it exposing...

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men in skirts

I have a few very short skirts and wraps which I put on when I can't be naked. They include three chiffon scarves - ones that look to cover my bits until you get close. Then you can see everything through the flimsy fabric. They are also very...

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