Nude Work Out

This group is for anyone who like to practice workout and fitness without any clothes, or completely naked here is your place. Enjoy !

Shorts v Skins

I read on another board that a soccer team at at men's college some years ago was having practice on a hot, humid day. When it was time for scrimmage, the coach told one side to be shirts for shirts v skins. They said that they would rather take...

NYC Area workout buddy

Hey, what's up everyone, I'm looking for a gym partner who has their own workout equipment at home or in their apartment. When I lived in LA, I had a full-on Setup, and my friends came over, and we worked out all the time. I find it working...

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Peloton Nude

A recent Peloton commercial show Chris Meloni exercising nude, However, the tag line at the end implies that only Chris Meloni uses peloton nude. I would expect that a fair number of people who have it at home do, including many who are not nude in...

Anyone Wanna Workout Together (Men Only)

Here's my Skype Or email

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Orlando workouts

Is anyone around Orlando, that would like to workout nude together ? Or is anyone a nude personal trainer here Chris

Pilates & Weight Training in Chicago

Does anyone know of a male nudist Pilates instructor or fitness coach in Chicago? I really like the Pilates instructors I have, but dislike putting on clothes for it. The same with weight training. It seems stupid to put on clothes in order to get...

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May try the portions of my basement exercises that require minimal equipment nude on the deck inside the privacy fence. Should have though of this back in 2020 when I started exercising nude in the basement.

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Medicine ball recommendations

Thinking of getting a medicine ball to go with my incline bench dumbbells and kettlebells for work out anyone have recommendations?

Nude workout in Fort Lauderdale see update

I work out nude twice a week in Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately the gym is for men only. I posted some pics and videos on my media page. I love working out nude and get a much better workout in than when I am clothed at the regular gym, especially if...


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