Nudist Whiskey Enthusiasts

This group is for those nudists who like whiskeys and whiskys of all kinds. Bourbon. Scotch. Canadian. Irish. All the others. What are you sipping while nude?

Bourbon for me!

I have realized that when I get on skype or TN, my friends ask immediately what I'm drinking tonight. I guess I'm the naked drunk! I'm usually an absinthe or bourbon guy, though I have sipped a red wine every once in a while. Funny that...

Whiskey Top 5

Currently my Top 5 whiskeys are the following in no particular order: Canadian Mist. I love it either straight or mixed with Vernors Ginger Ale. Also good with Dr. Pepper. Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey. Now this one is my favorite! The honey...

Canadian whiskey

If you have never tried a single barrel Canadian whiskey called (Caribou Crossing) you don't know what you're missing... Smooth, yet bold! Delicious at least. Priced according to availability. Around 59.00 to 69.00 USD. Try it, you'll...

What would you like to see or not see?

To the group: What would you like to see and not see as far as pictures? As a Nudist Whiskey group, I think it would be best to see pics with whiskey and us enjoying the whiskey. Do you want to see close-ups of specific bottles? Or do you see enough...

World Whisky Day 2021

World Whisky Day 2021 is on Saturday 15th May. The day takes place on the third Saturday in May each year. I say we all get on Chat and dominate the room.... since we are all across all 24 time zones, we'll need to coordinate a common time

3 levels of whiskey.

I noticed that I have 3 levels of whiskey. Mixing, every day, and special occasions. For mixing i like Bushmills. Every day sipping, Glenmorangie 12year. And special occasion, Johny walker blue. While I have a lot of other whiskies. Most of them are...

A new whiskey tonight

I am trying a new whiskey tonight with much anticipation. Calumet Farm 14-yr bourbon. Delicious!

Canadian Mist

I normally don't join groups on this site anymore, but this one caught my interest. For several years now I have enjoyed the taste of Canadian Mist Whiskey. Has a nice smooth, bitey taste to it. Great for mixing Vernor's Ginger Ale with!...

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an interesting try....

I was at my local liquor store today. They had Speyburn 10 yo, with a bottle of water from the distillery, for $19.99. I was thinking, no way a 10 year old for $19.99 could possibly be drinkable. Well, I was wrong. tomorrow, I will pick up at least...

Latest PostIt is tasty.
by profkilt 
The dead rabbit

Has anyone frequented the dead rabbit pub in lower Manhattan NY, and drank a punch like drink they serve from crocks that are on ice on the bar? Last time I had these I was a little to pickled and forgot to ask the name and how to make them. These...

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