Nudist Whiskey Enthusiasts

This group is for those nudists who like whiskeys and whiskys of all kinds. Bourbon. Scotch. Canadian. Irish. All the others. What are you sipping while nude?

Blade and Bow 22

Anyone have any real first hand information about this Bourbon ?

What are you sipping?

What are you sipping this week? I made my own whiskey trail and found some Maker's Mark Cask Strength!

Can you suggest few good Whiskeys ? grew up...

Vodka Man Kettle one .. Van Gogh .. Branching out .. So I hope some one can suggest few ,,Thanks for help

Greetings Everyone!

giving TN a second shot. Hello from Louisville, KY. Looking forward to virtual happy hour sometime if anyones willing

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Celebrated Fifty!

So I turned 50 recently. It was time to celebrate with a proper pour!

My kind of group

As a long time Crown Royal drinker (31 years) I was gifted several Christmases ago with a bottle of Glenlivet 12. A very smooth well aged single malt Scotch imported from Scotland. I now have a new favorite, however it is often difficult to find in...

Rum is not that bad

We had a wine tasting festival a couple months back. And yes there were some amazing wines. But there was a distillery Booth set up in the mix. So okay I tried their whiskey. Oh was that bad ! So I told them that that Jamison is way better. So they...

Got into some blended scotch over the...

I finally got out to enjoy some solo nude time this weekend, and with it came time to appreciate a good scotch. Cadenhead is a scotch whisky purveyor in Edinburgh. This one is peaty and a bit toasty. It was delicious for the occasion!

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Favorite Whiskey Cocktails?

Apparently, March 24 was national cocktail day in the US. So, I poured myself one of my favorites - a bourbon Old Fashioned. The drink has a history of being the first cocktail in the US. Mine was Eagle Rare bourbon, Angostura bitters over one...