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Exhibitionist : Voyeur or just silly

Exhibitionist : Voyeur or just sillyExhibitionist, voyeur or just silly?When I talk about naturism, I first state for me it is; healthy, self-empowering, confidence building, enlightening etc. After this I relate it to the bigger picture; reduces negative body...

The Gentle way to introduce your partner

The Gentle way to introduce your partnerThe gentle way to introduce your partner to naturismWhen faced with the dilemma of how to get your wife or partner involved in social naturism clearly there are a couple of choices; it needs to be a caring, considerate and mutual...

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Known as Bugly to my friends (all three of them) because it rhymes with ugly. I am beach bum from the glorious North Devon (UK) coast. I have been a naturist since i was born, a father of far too many kids, and now part of a naturist family with my wife and one last daughter who will not leave home. I am passionate about the environment, the sea, and behavioural evolution. My daughter tells me I am too intense, too poor, and insensitive to be of use to anyone unless they are desperate.
I love lone walking , lone reading, lone writing, hate idiots and lads, in fact get on with very few people - I am on TN to be cured, so if desperate - friend me. My daughter wrote this bio, personally I think I am a nice guy.View my profile

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