Nudity: A Family-Friendly Activity

Nudity: A Family-Friendly Activity

In today€™s age of sexualizing anything to do with the naked body, it can be hard to think of nudity as a family-friendly activity. Those who are not familiar with naturists may find it inappropriate for parents and children to be doing anything together while not fully protected by textiles, but the truth is that childrens natural state is to be naked, and its the adults who make them feel as if they need to put on clothes.

If we get back to nature, we may just create a better world, void of so many hang-ups of Im not good enough.

Replace Shame with Confidence

If you spend time with any toddlers, you know that they love to walk around naked. Sometimes, its hard to even keep clothes on them!

At some point, though, most parents make their children wear clothes, and the innocence they had before is covered with shorts and T-shirts and with shame.

This repeating history of viewing the human body as shameful can be traced back to the story of Adam and Eve, who were happy in their nudity until awareness hit, at which point they rushed to cover up.

When children are taught to cover up, its usually under the auspices of modesty and whats culturally appropriate.

Around the age of four or five, parents who were naked with their children in the pool or shower are suddenly pushed away from that comfort. All of a sudden, that natural state is made wrong, and children feel ashamed.

Instead, why not continue with that natural state and allow children to stay naked?

They understand societal expectations, so its easy enough to tell them they cannot go to school without clothes, but at home, being nude is just fine.

Children will learn to feel pride in their bodies and in themselves.

Create a Community

Children learn much from their parents, but they are highly influenced by their peers as well even from an early age.

Introducing young children to other nudist families can go a long way to normalizing nudism as children get older.

Creating a community of other nudist families also teaches children to judge others on more than their body shape, looking instead to who they truly are.

While too many people think that normalizing nudism will create a sense of heightened sexuality in children, teens, and even adults, the truth is typically the opposite.

By allowing children to choose whether or not nudity is right for them, youll strip away all of the taboos they usually associate with their bodies as they grow and change.

Raising children in a society where nudism is normal could just create a whole generation that is more confident in themselves and more accepting of others.
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  • He started to sneak inon me in the bathroom, in bed and when I undressed. After a while I sat him down and talked to him about the whole thing. We ended up by the computer for hours watching info about nudism together. The day after I decided to go naked in front of him, and it was a big thrill I must admit. It didnt take long before he joined and some months later we went to Croatia for a first nudist vacation. We noth loved it, and since then we re naked as much as possible.
    • Im a single mom who started with nudism just a few years ago. As a kid I loved to go naked, but was banned to so by my parents as soon as I became around 10. Nudity was not accepted at home or on the beach. Some years ago I got divorced and started thinking about nudism after reading an article about it in a local paper. I started to search for info on the web and at the library, and found just a bit, but most directly related to sex. When my son got into puberty I noteda change inhis behaivour.
      • When my daughter was about three her Mom and I decided to take her to a nudist resort. We were frequently nude at home and we felt it might be good for her to be around other nudist families. And she immediately started making nudist friends and loving the resort. I had some misgivings initially about raising my daughter as a nudist. Was it really healthy for her? That first time at the resort laid my misgivings to rest. From there we decided to also stay naked at home. I recommend it wholeheartedly
        • I recall an episode of Parts Unknown set in the mediteranean where a local man made a comment expressing to Anthony Bourdain his disgust at seeing a mother with her child at the local nude beach. I remember thinking how conservative religion has made us. The idea of sharing nudity with my parents is still "icky" to me. I was, however, raised by parents struggling to be accepting while at the same time instilling strong ethical and moral values "values rooted from a catholic upbringing". Gods image.
          • I wish I had been raised in a nude family. My mom was very conservative. It made me very shy about my body to the point I cannot pee at a urinal if there is a guy at the next urinal. It's terrible. I was not like that when I was five or six. Used to run around nude with friends in the woods when mom wasn't there.
            • Thats the best way to put it
              • There is a place and time for being naked. It is only suitable for people who are thinking open minded about it and peace and also not take money advantage of it. For that it should be safe for rest of family members...
                • I was raised in a nudist family with my stepmom and dad and my sisters. dad was hardly ever home. then I raise my two girls who are now grown the same way. We were always given a choice growing up and I gave my girls the same choice we always explain the do's and don'ts about being nude at home. It was a learning experience period but it's one that I will never ever forget or regret
                  • People who are philosophical and pure-hearted in their naturism too often assume that everyone else who presents themselves as nudists share the same ideals and adhere to the same standards of conduct; but a realistic approach to the diversity of human behavior requires discernment about which situations are safe to promote family nudism and teach children all the positive lessons and psychological reinforcement that naturally flow from a confident naturist lifestyle, and whom children should avoid.
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