So It's Your First Time to a Private Nudist Party

So It's Your First Time to a Private Nudist Party

There are many ways to join the nudist lifestyle and share it with others. Certainly, you can invite friends to your home and be comfortable shedding your textiles in your own backyard pool. Another choice is to visit a resort (learn more about your first time to a nudist resort:, where you'll be among many other folks, some who are experiencing communal nudity for the first time. But what if your first foray into the world of nudism is at a private nudist party? That might open a whole new can of worms.

Find an Event

There are lots of places to learn about private nudist parties in your area: Check out, AANR (, or Meetup (, or ask your friends who are already in the lifestyle about what's coming up in your "hood".

Identify first what kind of party it is (clothing optional or nude) and who is welcome. While most nudists are exceptionally family friendly, be sure you know what to expect before you pack up your whole family. Also, some adults who are new to the lifestyle may be uncomfortable being nude in front of strange children. It's better to do a bit of research before showing up.

Know What to Expect

It's typically good to go to any new environment with a buddy: a friend, a sibling, or a significant other work well. However, if you don't have someone willing to join you, make sure you're ready to interact with others. There's nothing worse than having a person no one knows lurking in the corner of the pool watching everyone; that makes the whole situation uncomfortable. And that brings us to the idea of voyeurs. In any environment, they are a possibility. Don't be one. And if you're a single man, be even more aware of how you're conducting yourself at a clothes-free event. You may find this to be the first-and last! nudist event you attend.

Keep It Covered

Always have a towel with you, and use it every time you sit down. Alternatively, you can take your own chair and just sit on that. It's bad form to put a bare bottom on furniture that doesn't belong to you, and the extra layer will also protect you from seats that have been soaking up the sun's heat. If you're a man who's new to the environment and suddenly finds nature sending blood to the wrong part of your body, your towel can serve as a quick cover-up to avoid any embarrassing situations as well.

Have Fun

Essentially, checking out your first private nudist party is a lot like going to any other party where you don't know anyone. Mind your P's and Q's, get to know people, and be friendly. Before long, you'll make some new friends and have your dance card full of all kinds of fun activities to keep your summer exciting.

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  • If it's that sort of party I know a lot of ladies that would love to see it at attention and would be queuing up to stroke it.
    • want to attend private nude parties but not finding any in or near Austin Texas. let me know.
      • Good intro to the subject.
        • Hi, new to nudism. But not sure about being naked, if there are young kids about, feel happier if it's adults only, otherwise OK,
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