The Gentle way to introduce your partner

The Gentle way to introduce your partner

The gentle way to introduce your partner to naturism

When faced with the dilemma of how to get your wife or partner involved in social naturism clearly there are a couple of choices; it needs to be a caring, considerate and mutual bonding experience, a gentle well thought out phased introduction to the life style. I took all of this on board, ignored it and tried an alternative route.

In the depths of Cambridgeshire in eastern England there is a very special place; a nature reserve - Wicken fen. In this ancient and very rare fenland, I worked my mid teen summers, under a constant blue sky, at one with the wildlife and full of the joys of life. It was an obvious process to introduce my wife to this paradise at some point in our growing relationship.

It was a good 3-hour drive to the site and since it is best at dawn and late evening, I immediately started to look for accommodation to suit our luxury accommodation needs (backpacker’s tent). Two camping sites responded to my search and the second was a naturist venue. Did I dare book it? Anyone knows that a surprise can be the spice that makes a day; expectation, a thrill of the unknown. Unfortunately, the balance between spice and being kicked out of the house and never spoken to again, can be a very fine line. I suppose that having never mentioned I was a naturist and her never having been naked outside, other than in our more tempestuous courting moments, should have given me a clue as to which side of the line nude camping might be.

I booked it, the site was full naturist only environment, clothing not optional. I knew my girl was going to be so pleased with this little bit of fun.The big day arrived, we travel in great spirits, perhaps by this time I should have given her a little bit of a clue to where we were staying but I wanted to make it more of a surprise. I mean what is the worst that can happen?

We made good time on the drive, arriving 5 minutes short of the site, I pulled over just to make sure I was in the right location. Stepping out of the car the silence was stunning, here in the fen lands it is like turning back the clock, no cars passing, no airplanes, no music blaring nothing, just the wind and even that was a gentle summer breeze.

It’s not the normal sort of camping site.’ I casually dropped.‘Oh, that sounds intriguing great tell me more.’ She held my hand, eager to share this moment of revelation ‘It’s a naturist site.’

Have you ever said a few words and then known it might have been a mistake, they sort of hang there and no matter what- you know a storm is coming; all you can do is brace yourself. The quiet countryside for the following 3 hours, was subject to every expletive known to woman kind (some I had to look up later). Threats of divorce, walking home, driving straight back, cutting off certain parts of my pride and joy, every expression of disapproval of the male species that a woman can muster hit me with the force of a jet engine. Resigned battered and beaten, I got back in the car and started to turn around for the silent drive home.

‘Where do you think you are going’ The tone was dead flat. ‘If you think I am going home now and letting you quote this as my failing to meet a change you can forget it, we are camping there tonight, but I am doing it clothed’.

Like most naturist venues the gates were massive, with high hedges and a little bell to ring, by now I admit I was getting more than a little nervous. The bit I have failed to tell you is that I have never been naked socially before, for me this was a terrifying but exciting prospect. There was no way I was going to tell my wife this bit of information. My adventures have always been solo in places no one ever goes. The gates creaked open, a low budget horror film atmosphere adding to the tension.

Into the reception (no naked bodies) sign in, (chatting happily about the journey the weather) ‘Ok, if you jump on the golf buggy I will show you around and then you can come back get the car and make yourselves at home’. We drive through tents, caravans, chalets filled with people with great tans on every body part they were born with. ‘Ok here we are, the showers are there etc.’ he went on to explain and then asked ‘anything you need to know?’‘Do we just get naked?’ my wife unexpectedly asks.‘Have you never done this before?’ the penny drops, ‘you guys are first timers, I am so sorry, you were so confident at reception we just assumed all this was second nature to you.’ He couldn’t apologise enough. ‘I suggest you stroll back to the car clothed have a look around and we can have a chat to see how you would like to do this, I can introduce you to a few people.’ Excellent I say not relishing the prospect of being naked around so many beautiful people. I turn to hold out my hand in mutual support to my wife and find the only thing she is wearing is a big grin.‘I think we are going to walk back naked, get the car and have a great weekend.’ She beams at him, leaving me to timidly strip and very self-consciously go get the car. Hand in hand with my fantastic wife who is clearly not phased and is chatting to everyone; we start our new life as nature intended.

Three hours arguing – 30 seconds shedding inhibitions; sometimes it really is the fear of doing something that is more frightening than the scariness of actually doing it.

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  • This is a topic that I am starting to explore. I have been dating my girlfriend online for the past month and we plan to get married soon after we meet in the next couple of months. She has lived a very sheltered life and knows all about my Nudism , and is willing to give it a try at home. I want to try and get her to relax a bit and join me with socialising Nude. But I am not going to rush it at all.
    • My partner is 85, so life and nature has not been kind to her body, She has large, black age spots on her body that she is sensitive about. For an 85er, she has a great figure with very few of the sags that sneak on us in old age. I want to visit a couple of resorts this summer on our way to Nova Scotia. Any suggestions on how I can handle this? She often goes topless around the house when it's warm enough.
      • I would be so scared to surprise my wife like that. I am a nudist mostly in private and she has shown interest but cant push it. Maybe I will try that idea one day I know we have a nudist campground near us. About 45 minutes away.
        • We are new to this site, obviously. We have been home nudist for the longest time., when we can with our son teenage son around. He is off to college soon and we and "in talks" to go to a clothing optional resort. I'm ready and can't wait, my wife is reluctant to be public, but willing to try for me and the benefits she has read about. We stumbled across this site, and really a whole world we had never given much thought too. Any and all advise is appreciated!
          • Great story and told well! I don't think I have the courage to cross that line yet, although I have spent a day on my own nude at a resort!
            • we want to be naked
              • I would love to be naked
                • I'm glad for you two
                  • Pretty much what I plan for her. In three weeks we will be going abroad with 2 nights at a naturist site. No social experience before for both of us. Hope it will go well, if not please help her dig the grave...
                    • I wish my wife was so confident. So far we have got to the nudist beach, me naked and her topless. She chats to everyone, and seems unfazed by all the naked bodies, but has yet to shed everything. Maybe this year?
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                      Known as Bugly to my friends (all three of them) because it rhymes with ugly. I am beach bum from the glorious North Devon (UK) coast. I have been a naturist since i was born, a father of far too many kids, and now part of a naturist family with my wife and one last daughter who will not leave home. I am passionate about the environment, the sea, and behavioural evolution. My daughter tells me I am too intense, too poor, and insensitive to be of use to anyone unless they are desperate.
                      I love lone walking , lone reading, lone writing, hate idiots and lads, in fact get on with very few people - I am on TN to be cured, so if desperate - friend me. My daughter wrote this bio, personally I think I am a nice guy.View my profile

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