Reaches 150,000 Users Reaches 150,000 Users

Social Media Site Realizes 50% Growth in One Year

New websites are launched daily, and the world is always looking for the next big thing in social media sites., a site designed for naturists, nudists, and those involved in the textile-free lifestyle to connect and interact, may be that site. The site grew from 0 to 100,000 in three years, but it only took another flip of the calendar to move it up to 150,000.

Like other social media sites, enables members to create a personalized profile page, post pictures and status updates, and host meetings with friends through the site. A basic free membership gives users access to the majority of the site’s offerings, while a paid membership unlocks more features. Strict privacy settings allow members to block their profiles and usage statistics from search engines, if they choose. After reaching 100,000 members last August, was upgraded to offer additional functionality and privacy for its members.

As it continues to grow exponentially, the site’s creator is taking action to ensure the content remains clean and focused on naturist activities. The site is constantly monitored to identify those who are using it inappropriately. "We want the site to be a safe haven for nudists and naturists to virtually 'hang out' and chat with others in the lifestyle".What is not is a pornographic site. "These new upgrades allow us to quickly find and remove members who are using the site in such a manner," shared the site's creator.Based on feedback from members, new features are added regularly. also hosts meetings at clothing-optional resorts to get members together.

While the site may be a place to virtually meet other nudists, the whole idea is to share naturist activities. These hosted events allow that to happen.Members of are located across the US and around the world. Often, US members use the site to find naturist-friendly locations to visit when traveling abroad. The site offers a location section that showcases resorts and other events across the globe and since members are sprinkled near and far, it's as easy as a mouse click to schedule small-group gatherings wherever members may find themselves. is for everyone: singles, couples, families, young, and old. Nudism is widely enjoyed by people from all walks of life, and the site offers a way to meet others when the topic doesn’t come up easily around the work water cooler.

"We're looking forward to expanding our presence around the world and continuing to be THE go-to social media site for nudists and naturists", shared the site's creator.

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  • It's mostly fake profiles or men pretending to be women and single couples, the wife is shy or at work. Shy naturist? Bore off
    • Nude world likers
      • Nude zoom meetimg
        • Why is the "sister site" Trueswingers, run by the same owners of TrueNudists? I just thought that Nudism/Naturism has absolutely nothing to do with pornography??
          • Too many pervert here, so many people who dont apriciate nudity as a style of life.....only members who think this is some porn dating site......i am thinking of leaving ......
            • I am a paid certified member here..would love to see a upgrade where all certified members shoud mandatorily put display photo of face and can not avoid..another upgrade is really required.. there must be category of friends...where all posted photos could be restricted from those category of friends even they are certified friends with acquaintance only...or certified close restrict some people who despite being certified interested to see others but never post their own.
              • This website looks more like a dating site than a naturist site. I was recently scammed by one of the members whose profile picture appears no less than 7 times, (turns out to be a porn actress) with different identity details; I was looking for people with similar interests and a partner who also has the same opinion but 75% of the ladies under 45 are only interested in taking as much money as possible. In addition, almost half of the women are the messages of a single man. I think you can participate in t
                • Great site with excellent content and opportunities to meet fellow nudists even live as I have several times now. Keep up the great work promoting the lifestyle and as a forum for all nudists.
                  • I love chatting with all the beautiful lady on here.
                    • Good website about being a nudist
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