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on track for one book per week

We are in the 51st week of the year and i am reading my 51st book of the year. Quite a varied year, from political / military thrillers to adventure travel and some histories of less well known events. What pace do you read books at? do you keep...

Lost in Shangri-la

the book is the true story of a plane crash in the remote part of Papua New Guinea in WW2. It has a rather revealing scene of Westerners and Natives interacting for the first time . I share more details in the General Discussion column of the forum.

When was the most recent time you read an...

I just finished the book Travels with Willie by Willie Weir which I start around 6am this morning and closed the cover at 6:30 this evening. Charming book about a guy and his wife's exploring the world on their bicycles. What book couldn't...

great recent reads

Beyond the Call. by Trimble and Dronfield . True story of Lee Trimble's father who helped escaped POWs flee the horrors of the Eastern Front in the final months of WW2. A story so secret it was untold until the Greatest Generation was nearly...

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Hudson Bay Bound

If you would like to read a real life story. This is a story of two young women that paddled 2000 miles from Minnesota to the Hudson Bay. Nice uplifting story

Something new in the latest book i am reading

I am reading my 53rd book for the year. The current one is about two Kiwis who consider themselves to be morons ride between two Mongolian cities named Moron. Hence the title Moron to Moron. Their antics and adventures are a hoot and often contain...

I tried to be good today.

I stopped at the local hospital auxiliary thrift store today just to see if they had any tacky poinsettia decor. I found one goose poinsettia themed pot holder, but then i went to the book section. Found one, the jacket compared it to The Girl With...

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How do you decide what to read next?

How do you go about picking your next book to read? Do you always know which one is next? I always have to have a book going. So when I am done with one, I need another one to pick up. Sometimes that is the middle of the night, and I know I will...

Reading recommendations

I usually read epic fantasy, science fiction, Stephen king, Grisham but cant getv into anything new lately does anyone have a recommendation?

Reading pace.

How many books do you read a year? I keep a running total book author pages and date finished. We are 8n the 38th week and I am on my 38th book. So on pace for 52 this year