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New read idea

I got the bug again to start reading I'm not to sure what I what to get into. Need ideas what are yours reading now and what is it about.

Bookstore browsing

While traveling I love to haunt used bookstores. I have gems to read many a time.. But I do travel light just a backpack and small day bag. I do purchase books along the way and leave read ones at hotel trade shelves. But I find far more titles I...

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Another Stephen King!

I must be going through some sort of midlife crises as I am reading another Stephen King book, "11/22/63".

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My attempt at fiction

I recently joined a group which encourages creative writing. Each month we each write a Character, an Object, and a Place on a card and toss it in a hat. We draw out a card and then over the next month write a fictional story that uses those three...

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Greatest novels PBS

This year PBS ran an ongoing series celebrating reading. They came up with a list of 100 greatest novels. I had read 20 of the books and vowed to read a few more. You could vote for your favorite, once a day and I did for several weeks. I split my...

A. N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice) The Sleeping...

I am the only one that thinks that the series is a a, do I say very erotic! I mean world renowned author. Writes this. The wife down loaded the series on to my MP3 player. Oh My, I am at work listening to the stories. Up a ladder trimming trees in...

Pace picked up recently

For some reason my book reading pace was slower this year than the past few. But the past month I have tried to make up for it. Been reading my goal of 3 books in 2 weeks. From a sci-fi fiction , my first in a while, to true tales of a giant...

Ever thank an author?

I thought I had posted on this topic before but scanning back through it did not jump out at me. Have you ever taken the time to find out how to contact an author and thank them for a good read? I try to do for lesser known authors. Many of the...

Stephen King

I had avoided Stephen King finding that this writing was too weird for me. However, I have now read several of his books and find that they are still well written and imaginative even if weird! Years ago I had watched the movie "Pet...

David Gerrold

Any other David Gerrold fans here? Yes, he's done more than write for Star Trek and be the father to the Tribbles. My favorite of his is The Man that Folded Himself.

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