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Nazis and Nudist by David Haldane

I will admit the title caught my eye since it had the word nudist in it. It is an autobiography about the authors adventures in life growing up in the 60s and 70s. After unknowingly befriending the son of a Nazi in Germany he takes off for Greece....

Library Reopening

My library just recently reopened for curbside delivery of books. A great relief for me as I was going through severe withdrawal. I do miss being able to peruse the shelves, but ordering online and picking up curbside is an improvement over no...

Non-Fiction Fun

I have been enjoying a non-fiction book titled The Amusement Park by Stephen M. Silverman. He discusses the history of public amusement venues and how that desire for adventure and fun developed over the last 900 years. 978-0-316-41648-1

the nudists 1959 by Donald Johnson

Just got a used copy of the nudists 1959 by Donald Johnson. All about the early days of nudism in America by one of the pioneers. Will review on my site when finished

Naturist books list (curated)

If anyone is interested in a genuine naturist list of books check out https://www.clothesfreelife.com/book-shelf/

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Do blogs count?

I have been fortunate to be able to travel and as a result I have experienced quite a few adventures. I love to tell stories and often folks tell me that I should write a book. I respond well I have blogs online that share in my rambling story...

45 books read

Well off my average but certainly a good year for reading. About half and half fiction and non-fiction. The nonfiction mostly being travel related adventures. Starting the new year with a book by a woman who is my age. Her and her hubby paddled in...

Three books in the queue

Im reading three different books at this time- 1) The Boys in the Back Row by Mike Juno The story revolves around the lives of two school buddies, Matt and Eric, who are planning on going to a school band competition. Their absolute favorite comic...

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Rising Son by Giles Dawnay

Just going to go ahead and plug this book even before I have finished reading it. I met the author while on one of my most memorable vacations , living semi-primitively on a small Fijian island. Giles was part of the small staff. He is now doctor in...

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