smooth nudist

I love Brazilians

Please send my your smooth cock pics to us at hangout

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Smooth Hole

A hair free hole is more hygienic and easier to keep clean. That being said, how many guys keep their hole, smooth as well? I am not very hairy but I do wax or shave mine every couple of weeks.

Hello everyone,

I am new to the group, I love making friends with other nudist and traveling around the world , also interested in an open relationship. Be free to send in an email to or hangouts on

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Hey friends

Hey my nudist how are you guys. Im a newbie here would live to make new friends and connections here

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Want to try, but worried about gym showers

How did you all start? Trim first? Whats best method? I already shave balls

Out of the mouths of babes.

I went to the local recreation area to swim and lift weights and when it came time to shower afterwards a kid about 6 or 7 was showering with his dad looked at me and asked his dad why I didn't have any hair around my pee pee like his dad did?...

Started young

I can't remember what made me do it but the first time I shaved my pubes I was only 14. I stopped because I got made fun of in the showers at school, started again in my 20s and have kept it up. (no pun intended)

Epilators: has anyone tried them

So I'm thinking that I want to get a epilator rather than shaving all the time. Shaving needs a lot of upkeep and I'd like a longer lasting solution. I am however concerned that I'm too much of a wimp and that the pain of using an...

Intense Pulsed LIght / It works

I purchased a Remington I Light Pro. It works like a laser after six treatments I could notice the hair just not coming back . I still shave above my cock for the time being but will eventually treat that area as well. Its permanent so the hair wont...

Uk smooth

Becoming more popular now in uk, i think. Am lucky as am not furry naturally. Looking to share experiences with smooth nudes. Able to travel to meet so open to offers.

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