Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

Long Island NY swim

Sat. Mar. 7th is the next Travasuns pool party. We went to the last one and had a great time.We arehoping to get attend this one. Betty and SteveS ERIN-GO-BRAGH-LESS Join us at theLong Island O'Travasuns' MARCH POOL PARTY With special...

Things we are to do nude

Wow "things to do nude" hmmm as we look back at the divine design of man/woman kind by God the creator we can clearly see that the man and woman was created naked unashamed, and that God looked at His creations and said that all was very...

Long Island NY Swim

Sat. April 4 there is another Travasuns swim.

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A Special Place

I have a few days off here at the beginning of the week and was seriously planning to visit another resort. I have been in contact with another resort by email and they agreed to allow me to come during the week even though they normally only...

Morningside Inn

We've searched and searched and haven't found a thread talking about the Morningside inn in Palm Springs yet. Just wondering. We'll be there in April for a first try, long time vet of the beautiful Terra Cotta. Have always driven by but...