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I may of missed this thread but I did look around for a while and didn't see it any where... So this Saturday, July 11th at 3pm EST is the AANR WORLD RECORD SKINNY DIP to establish a Guinness World Record for the largest-ever number of people...

Suggestive nicknames

Hi All, This is my frst post and I'm no doubt diving into controversy... One thing that strikes me about this site is the obvious intention to keep it free from those who choose to abuse the naturist tag. The options to flag profiles and the...

TT1's response to the community

TT1, Thank you for your response to this community. The community is here to help you, and you have a great site here. J and I do appreciate your response to our concerns and the concerns of others. There are others here that have made great...

'More typical UK weather' on way...

"Britons should brace themselves for "much more changeable and considerably cooler" weather with rain at times over the next few weeks, weatherman John Kettley said. As the UK cools off from temperatures which soared above 30C last...

Camping--how do you do it?

Last time we went to Lone Star Resort for the weekend, we rented a trailer a couple of nights and were comfortable. My sweet wife has decided that we want to camp this time, so I purchased a nice tent, to go with some other camping supplies we used...

Father's Day

This has nothing to do with nudisim, but everything to do with being human..... Over the years, many of my dreams and goals have gone up in smoke, because of the decisions I have made. Today, Father's Day, I am thankful. I am thankfulthat my...

Home Page

The Home Page is not updating random pictures and I beleive forum posts. This has been for a few days now. Mentioning this in the hope that it is brought to the attention of the Administrator(s).

Port Burwell Beach Cottage FOR SALE

Our family is selling the "Green" cottage located within the Provincial Park on the beach. Very private and within easy walking distance of the nude beach. call 226 688 7901. (If posted in wrong forum plse advise.) Thanks Geo.

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Hate- even inside the naturist world!

Fellow naturists, Yes, it seems that hate is everywhere. It's what humans do, what they fall back on, when there is nothing else. When you can not understand why your neighbor would enjoy going around nude. When you just can't get why your...

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