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To be True or not to be True, that is the...

I've noticed that the vast majority of users on this site have not been certified users yet. As it was one of the major reasons why I joined here (that and the chatroom lol), I'm curious as to why. I know you kind of feel dorky holding a sign...


Since joining this site, I have felt that Groups was a wonderful concept. Nudists could share experiences and ideas with other nudists with similar interests. I have joined several Groups as have many others. I am constantly surprised when visiting...

This coming saturday night

This coming weekend I would like to have people over for a nude party. I live in Hoffman Estates Illinois. (Suburb of Chicago)Please respond if you are interested. I am not a rich man so byo food and drink would be very helpful. Please respond so we...

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Nudist till Death & in Death

This is my personal opinion but... When I die, I'd like my body to betaken out in the woods, and left for the animals, insects, and birds; which in Alaska might be entirely possible. Also, the soil in Alaska is acidic, so my bones would dissolve...

Assateague National Seashore GMP up for...

"Assateague National Park General Management Plan is up for renewal, and now is the time to let the National Park Service know that you would like a area of the park to be dedicated as clothing optional, as it had been for many years. The...

What happened to all of the fun here??????

What happened to all the fun we used to have on this site???? Everyone has gotten sooooo serious !!!!! Phil, Swifty, Steve and Jen, Beaker and the rest of you..... Where are you???? Lets get this place rolling again !!!!!! Do we need to get...

Nudists from Edmonton Alberta and area?

Where do you go to be nude? When I am in BC, I always try to find a Nude Beach like Wreck or other nude beach locations. I have a secluded area at my acreage where I tan nude most of the time.

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Anyone from the UK?

span style="font-weight: bold;"SKYONE DOCUMENTARY EXPLORING NAKED BRITAIN: CAN YOU HELP?/span CarbonMedia are making a new series for Sky One exploring contemporary cultural attitudes to nudity in Britain and are looking to contact anyone...

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Clubs are closed where to be nude

So my family I don't think would appriciate the fact I have been trying out nudism so I cannot be nude at home, but where else is there to be? Its about time the clubs here are closed so I cannot go back to them.. I did meet a nudist couple while...


Hi I have just started to go to the local swimming baths after work on Tuesdays, and yes I have to wear swimming shorts, booohooo that is the down side to the evening. The upside is that the sauna is men only on Tuesday evening, so yep I am able to...

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