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Coping with Fall

Coping with Fall Fall has arrived. The days are noticeably shorter. The leaves have begun to turn, some, the golden color of the tans weve worked so hard to achieve over the summer. For many, this marks the beginning of the end of the outdoor nudist...

Sorry for the shake up

Sorry for the shake up on the "recent activity list" on the homepage. Just in case your wondering, Jen and I have just bumped a load of spam off the page and out of sight, from -every- single forum. Note to would be Spammers, ((((((((((((((...

Photography and Nudists

For years I have found, somewhat laughable, the unrational fear that some nudists have of having their picture discovered on the internet. First of all, consider the odds of your friends, neighbors or employer simply running across your picture on...

Believe it, ............. or not?

(third thought :) Now I've thought about it a bit more and decided that out of respect for the original poster, maybe I should post this on a new thread, even though it is a response to Tom from the thread "Very Disappointed" (second...

Hot damn! I'm barefoot!

I mean, I'm more than barefoot, I'm barenaked right now. But I'm glad to see that you can see that I really am sincere about getting my clothes off ... top, undies (ugh) ... Starkers, here I come! ... er, here I am! Badger


Taking the initiative. I declare Phil as KING NUDIST first one to make 2000 posts. Should we all dance nude around him?

Old topic "Group Meeting"

Browsing through the old posts I came across the topic of a group meeting. No responses to it so lets try it again. I have a little bit of acreage in Ar. close to the Mo. state line. Waay back in the woods, surrounded by woods and out of the public...

Shaver review?

All - I'm thinking of trying the bodworx shaver and wanted to know if any of you have tried it and if so - is it as good as advertised. We shave to varying degrees and if this thing is any good - we'd love it. Thanks!

Hot Diggity Dog!!

My sweet wife and I get to go to our favorite nudist resort for the Memorial Day weekend...leaving this morning after a quick trip to the vet. I can't wait! Lone Star Resort, here we come!