Women Have Curves

My curves 2022

What can I say? I love myself and my curves

curvy women

not sure why, but when someone says 'curvy' to me, i see a figure that is breasty and hippy, but with tiny waist. thats 'curvy'....like the sex sirens of the 40s 50s and 60s. curvy like Loren, Lollobrigida, Welch, Monroe and more......

my curves

The older I get the more curves I get but just all the more of me

Curves are...

...soft, beautiful, friendly and fun!

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i love a female nudist with curves

i find nudist females with curves very attractive especially if they're plus sized

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Just Another LOVER of Curves.

Just posted a photo of my bride and me. Getting ready celebrate 37 years of love together. Momma has always been a beauty and as the years have passed she just gets more cuddly.

Thank you

I just wanted to thank the person that created this group. All of us change while we age and my wife is constantly complaining how fat and ugly she looks naked (her words not mine). I tell her all the time she looks great. Im hoping that she will...

Cochise County

Anybody here from around here? Looking for local Naturists for friendship. Curves are good. Cochise County, AZ.

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Hello. Hope all is having a good new year so far. Would love to chat and meet new friends and hopefully some nude days together.

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