Commando Women

This is for women who go commando or don't wear underwear and for men intrigued by them. The original Commando Women were ladies of the night in Bond Street, London, UK. But it applies to any women who shun their undies.

When did you start going commando?

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I remember I started going commando when I was around 16. It was so exciting to go to school the first time without underwear. I don't think my parents would have approved. I wish my parents would have been more liberal about it. My grandma told me once that in her days she was send to school without underwear because it was a wash day. So, she didn't even have a choice. And all the boys knew about it at some point, so they were all trying to lift her skirt on wash day. I am curious to know about your experiences and stories ...

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RE:When did you start going commando?

Tulsadou; Your wife is very wise.

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RE:When did you start going commando?

I started to go commando after I became a naturist 8 years ago, and only very rarely do I wear underwear now. It's just so much more comfortable without.

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