Driving Naked

For those who enjoy driving in the nude.

No problem driving nude!

I drive nude quite often- going from Phoenix to Los Angeles is a frequent trip for me. Ive made a game of it to see what I can challenge myself to do while staying nude. I fill the car with gas, and go in to the restroom at the rest stop - staying...

Left beach naked

Me and my gf where at Fort Clinch Beach. Left beach got into truck and stripped naked. Drove naked thru Fernandina to Salty Pelican naked and back almost to interstate. Except stopped for food. What an awesome trip.

Cool morning for a naked drive

Also, my second naked challenge :-)

Decided to drive naked -- I loved it!!

It took me a little time to get the nerve to drive naked. So I got in with no cloths in the car and drove about 50 miles around Central Oregon. I was so much fun to do. I enjoyed every minute and will do it again soon.

First time driving nude

Went for a short drive nude for my first time. I did not feel exhilarated like I have heard others talk about but I did feel really comfortable.

First Time with Wife

Went to Blind Creek Beach with my wife last week, a three hour drive across the state from Tampa. Getting ready to drive back to Tampa I asked her if it was OK to drive nude. She wondered why I would want to. I told her after a day nude at the beach...


I recently went to Vera Playa Nude beach for a nice Naked day walking round the streets, Nude, Nude swims and Nude sunbathing, and of course a Naked meal. at the end of the day I got in my car still Nude, (my clothes were in the boot of the car) and...

Didnt want to spoil the day with clothes

Normally Im nervous about the idea of driving nude but I have done it before. Today, at my wifes urging,I took the day off and went to Laguna Del Sol for some much needed relaxation. Lifes been insanely busy lately and I wanted to take full...

Weekly thing.

I've been working out of town the last couple of months now. I figured if l take the old highway there is hardly any traffic and l can drive nude. I can get about 40 milrs in before having to get dressed again.