Driving Naked

For those who enjoy driving in the nude.

Personal Best

I have decided to start keeping track of my naked mileage. A week ago, I went to Sequoia National Park, and decided to go most of the way on Friday so as to get there early Saturday. I made a pit stop at Enoch Christofferson Rest Area near Turlock,...

which circumstances do you need?

I think it just has to be dark enough. In former times I also looked how many traffic is on the highway. I tested it now in the dark and driving bottomless works fine for me with lots of traffic. I drive now regularly 50 miles this way. Which...

A new distance record for me

Driving naked isn't new for me. Do it around town, and back and for to Las Vegas and even Phoenix. But I set a new record for myself a few weeks ago. I drove to Salt Lake City and back from Los Angeles. Not in one day, that would be awful. But I...

Half naked driving!!

After a shopping trip to Walmart (after working a 12 hr shift) I got hot so I took my top off and drove home. Wish I could go naked all the time.

It was fun

Me and my lady snuck on the beach ( it closed due to lock down) We swam naked of course. We only brought 1 towel which was hers (she's not a nudist.......yet). We got in the car I told her to lose the towel. Her response was "nooooooo what...

nude driving in new hampshire

so i tried it for the first time 2 weeks ago and it was fun and felt really cool lol i needed to run to the store about 20 min down the road and did it . I have done it 2 times since but i did wear a shirt its cool here now and i would rather not...

A different drive

I don't know if it counts as 'driving', but we recently completed a nearly 900 mile trip on the boat, and almost all of it was nude. The only time we put anything on was to transit locks or stop at a marina. It was really relaxing.

Weekly thing.

I've been working out of town the last couple of months now. I figured if l take the old highway there is hardly any traffic and l can drive nude. I can get about 40 milrs in before having to get dressed again.

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