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Just people chatting about Skinny Dipping and the best spots in America or even in your backyard. Welcome to the Group Everyone

Naked area

Went to a beach yesterday, which the nude area is 1km from the provincial park boundary, Off park property and it is private, but people from park walk down a distance from park boundary and seemed shocked to see people sunning and swimming naked,...

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Dipiti dip

Was up at Algonquin Provincial park on JULY 21st, our neighbour we found out was there renting a cabin AT A SECLUDED LAKE with her BF..She ended up inviting us to stay OVERNIGHT with them on our check out day, This park is HUGE it has over 1.500...

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International Skinny Dipping Day

How come no one is talking about this here. So apparently the second weekend of July is International Skinny Dipping Day. July 9th for 2022. I would think this is the best day for group meetups. I dont know what I am doing but it will need to be...

Deep creek

Went to deep creek near Hesperia, ca, Saturday. From bowen ranch ($5 per person day use) my choice as a starting point, it is 2 miles into the valley where the hot springs are. There is an elevation change of 978 feet down. Most in the last 1/2 mile...

Habitual Skinny Dipper

I had the privilege of growing up with a family cottage on a private island. For my entire life, skinny dipping was a daily occurrence during the warmer months. I would skinny dip with my mother, sisters, my brother, cousins, and friends. I also...

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Skinny dipping

We love skinny dipping. We have gone skinny dipping several places. Last time was on the north shore of Lake Michigan. We were driving along US Hwy #2 and came across some sand dunes. We pulled off the road and ventured over the dunes. The beach was...


Has anyone without a pool of their own used Swimply to rent a pool for a nude swim? If you haven't heard of Swimply, think AirBnB for pools - people rent out use of their pools for an hourly rate. I was wondering if anyone here had used it, and...

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First Nude Swim of the Year

Pool got opened late and grandson's school got out early, so I hadn't had the opportunity for a nude swim in our pool until today. Hope to get more now that our grandson is back with his mother for 2 weeks and will be in day camp 9 - 3 when...

Skinny Dipping

My first skinny dipping experience occurred when I was around 12 or 13. Started puberty at 11 and was well on my way towards man-sized equipment by the time of that skinny dipping experience. A friend had a friend who was watching his neighbor's...

Naked People Photo Project

Hello, check my new project out and send your photos if you want :) https://naked-people.blogspot.com/2021/07/naked-people-home-edition_5.html

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