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This is a group dedicated to writing and sharing stories with a nudist theme.

New book of naturist fiction published

Hey everyone, I know I haven't been around a lot but it's amazing to see so many nudists here interested in nudist fiction! I recently published a collection of naturist-themed short stories called Written Nude. It's available on Amazon...

returning to the group

i started this group some time in the past. our pic is still there. don't know why i'm not listed as moderator. but doesn't matter as long as its a useful forum. i recently self-publish book on amazon, but it is on bridge not nudism. Dan

Your Opinion

Currently working on a novella about three adults telling how they got involved with nudity. The story has a food theme. Would like feedback on version you like more: 1. Kathy savors the salad, thinking the evening is a threefer: good food, good...

Down the Rabbit Hole-Ch. 7-Intro

I recently posted this on the Nudist Storytelling Group, but Ill try it a little differently here. I hope I can entice more people to read these scenes and comment by breaking it up into three posts. If you do comment, add them to this shorter post....

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Down the Rabbit Hole-Ch. 7-Scene 1

It was the first time the way was not clear. The path looked like it ended at a barrier of some new kind of plant that formed a dense hedge. On closer inspection, there were gaps where the path should be. And through an opening in the hedge, they...

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Down the Rabbit Hole-Ch. 7-Scene 2

On second sight, Alan was unsure if they were young girls as he first thought. Instead, they appeared to be fully formed, shapely women, as naked as he was but only about three feet tall. Their hair was unkempt and long, with flowers and what looked...

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Advice on literotica

The female half of us has done a bit of erotic writing. Any recommendations on where to have a go at publishing her work online?? Thanks...

When a Boy Becomes a Nudist

This is a repost of a story I first posted here in a forum called Nudist Storytelling, but I think it belongs here more than there as this seems to be a forum particularly for sharing nudist themed fiction / short stories. The is a work of fiction,...

Hi all - we just joined

I love to read and write. Wife enjoys reading.

Your Reaction

Would like some input from this group. My story about three adults who enjoy doing things without clothes is going through multiple edits. Each tells the others how they came into their nude behaviors, yet each does not think they are a nudist. The...


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