Nudist Fiction

This is a group dedicated to writing and sharing stories with a nudist theme.

First Contribution - Non-Fiction

My Introduction Being an introvert, I rarely take the opportunity to socialize in too many public events. It's just not a comfortable situation for me, so I often just find one excuse or another to avoid them. It's something that I wish I...

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by nakedfolk 
Two Can Play at that Game

Nathan sat in the living room chair moping. His mother watched him, his chin on his chest, feet kicking."I know." she sighed"It's not fair" Nathan grouched. "Dad takes Ronnie on a trip to Mexico but not me?" the...

The Election

This is the story of a small town and its upcoming mayoral election. What happens to this community when it is revealed that one of the candidates engages in nude recreation? It is my goal in creating this story to balance as many view points as...

work in progress

Hello how is every one i would love some feed back on my story thats a work in progress it has a bit of everything a touch of erotica, romance, crime and the discovery of nudist lifestyle if you want to read ill post otherwise ill just forget it....

Morning coffee

Based on a true story Chapter 1 I woke up with a start, raising my head and looking around my messy bedroom as I rubbed my eyes. I soon realized that I could have been awakened by the pounding in my head. Too many martinis last night? I tried to...

First Time Encounters

First EncountersThe following are my best recollection of firsthand accounts of friends when asked;When was the first time you saw a naked person of the opposite sex or were naked in front of a person of the opposite sex?Most were of casual run of...

Inspiration, anyone?

I have discovered an archived website which contains several interesting tales, some of which unfortunately unfinished. Looking at them, I thought some of the writers here can finish those that need it, maybe even write sequels to those that...

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Living with my Aunt

Episode 1;My name is Joe and I am a freshman at a local college. Last summer my parents were killed in an auto accident and after I came out of the hospital, I was fortunate enough that my maternal aunt could take me into her home. Aunt Jane was...

Cat's Out of the Bag

"Honey, I'm home!" Derek announced as he opened the front door. He dropped his hiking back in the front hallway, and stretched widely. He was tired.His wife Amy came out from the living room to greet him. "You're late,"...

The Dishes

Laurie and I were in our early 20's when we first met for a one night stand that eventually developed into a serious relationship. From the beginning I became aware that she was comfortable in her own skin having been brought up in a large family...

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