Nudist Fiction

This is a group dedicated to writing and sharing stories with a nudist theme.

Fiction: The Emerald Valley - Part 1'

My determination had paid off: I had often heard tales of an elusive valley with emerald-coloured springs originating from an elevated pool beneath a jeweled waterfall giving rise to the tale. Fearing madness and braving ridicule I had pressed on,...

Two Can Play at that Game

Nathan sat in the living room chair moping. His mother watched him, his chin on his chest, feet kicking."I know." she sighed"It's not fair" Nathan grouched. "Dad takes Ronnie on a trip to Mexico but not me?" the...


At last a group on TN with a good purpose, writing is a fantastic addition to our way of life so thanks for starting this group. I am an author on Amazon of Nudiverse and A dare to bare. Nudiverse is a fictional look at how a naturist world could...

Latest Post
When a Boy Becomes a Nudist

This is a repost of a story I first posted here in a forum called Nudist Storytelling, but I think it belongs here more than there as this seems to be a forum particularly for sharing nudist themed fiction / short stories.The is a work of fiction,...

The project

In this thread I am going to present my ideas for books of the underestimated genre of nudist fiction. Before writing my stories, Id like to share with you general comments upon the 5 books I have read so far. Books about nudism addressed to the...

First Contribution - Non-Fiction

My Introduction Being an introvert, I rarely take the opportunity to socialize in too many public events. It's just not a comfortable situation for me, so I often just find one excuse or another to avoid them. It's something that I wish I...

Nude fiction

Can you, please, recommend a novel where nudism is the main subject?I am not looking for romances with sexual content because everybody is nude.I would be happy to read a book where a nude world and a dressed world collide and the heroes interact...

Is there any prof writer/journalist here?

Hello, When I discovered this group, I joined immediately. I would like to contribute 3 ideas for a novel (the 3rd one rocks literally) but I do not intend to write a novel because my English are poor (compared to Henry Miller's for example)....

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work in progress

Hello how is every one i would love some feed back on my story thats a work in progress it has a bit of everything a touch of erotica, romance, crime and the discovery of nudist lifestyle if you want to read ill post otherwise ill just forget it....

The Election

This is the story of a small town and its upcoming mayoral election. What happens to this community when it is revealed that one of the candidates engages in nude recreation? It is my goal in creating this story to balance as many view points as...

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