Nudist Fiction

This is a group dedicated to writing and sharing stories with a nudist theme.

The Cove

I had survived somehow... I opened my eyes, drawing in sweet air and gasping, tasting salt water at the back of my throat. In spite of myself, I looked out to sea at the endless expanse that I had survived before turning my attention towards land. I...

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by nakedfolk 

Just as East and West prepare for a nuclear confrontation, a rogue scientist unleashes a deadly virus at every major airport in the world. While the virus decimates the global population, Russian tanks are poised to strike into Western Europe, but a...

New Writer Member

Hi! I'm Dave but I write under a pen name, and I'm a published author of erotic fiction. I've written two short novels so far, both involve social nudity as well as GLBT relationships. 'MIRRORS' is my first, and is written in the...

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When a Boy Becomes a Nudist

This is a repost of a story I first posted here in a forum called Nudist Storytelling, but I think it belongs here more than there as this seems to be a forum particularly for sharing nudist themed fiction / short stories.The is a work of fiction,...

Update on The Emerald Valley Part 2

Hi Folks Many of you have asked about part 2. I'm making a few edits but I promise it'll be out soon :)

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Fiction: The Emerald Valley - Part 1'

My determination had paid off: I had often heard tales of an elusive valley with emerald-coloured springs originating from an elevated pool beneath a jeweled waterfall giving rise to the tale. Fearing madness and braving ridicule I had pressed on,...

This Is Purely a Work of Fiction

I did not know where to publish this on this site. It is a work of fiction and we don't get naked until halfway through the story. I won't be offended if it is moved from this forum, just tell me where to put it. For a guy whose dick doesnt...

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Samples of fiction oriented toward nudism

I am showing small samples of nudist oriented fiction, on a Facebook page, Bare Soul Fiction Writer. I may start with a page on MeWe, when it introduces pages for that media.

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Two Can Play at that Game

Nathan sat in the living room chair moping. His mother watched him, his chin on his chest, feet kicking."I know." she sighed"It's not fair" Nathan grouched. "Dad takes Ronnie on a trip to Mexico but not me?" the...


Patient: "Doctor youve got to help me, I dont want to go on!"Doctor: "This is a serious condition, but I have had significant success with an experimental treatment. I have to warn you though, the treatment requires attention as it is...

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