Uncircumcised guys

The skin grows back

I was cut as a baby and in my 30s I was getting skin splitting around the cock under the head when I got erect . Being naked most of the time the skin has now slowly grown back and I now look uncut unless fully erect. Best of both worlds..... moral...

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Are any of us on MeWe as well as here at True Nudists?

circumcised in my 30s

My foreskin started getting tight in my mid 30s so my dr. recommended getting clipped. I did...... Worst thing I have ever done.

Foreskin fan

Hello gents, gay cut man here but big fan of uncut men both to look at, play with and talk about. Any other gay men out there that enjoy a nice uncut cock??

Love sucking uncut cocks!

Uncut cock is so sexy! They can own me and make me their own sissy! Love uncut men!

Best way to be.

Its the best way to be, natural and not interfered with.

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by nudist14 
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I love being uncut......

I enjoy being uncut for lots of reasons but I must say I also like the look of cut cocks too. When I am in the sun I often retract my skin to expose the glans. It feels good, it looks nice and it makes me feel more nude. Guy who see me sometimes...

New To Group

Hi All, I'm John...I'm new to the Group...I love to see nice long foreskins. Please message me.

Huge fan!

Ive always been a huge fan if uncut guys. Im kind of jealous of them too be honest. I asked my mom why she got mine cut and she told me it was just the thing to do. I told her that I should have made that decision once I was old enough to decide on...