Uncircumcised guys

Changing body chemistry?

Good morning guys. I am uncircumcised, have been my whole life :). My foreskin is quite loose, never had a problem with retracting it. I have always and still do, have very good hygienic practices. As a result, I have never had issues with...


I thought I 've joined this group before but oh well, I joined now. Have any of you guys ever have shrinkage to the point your penis is all the way in and only your foreskin is visible? This might be very common but I don't go out much and...

I'm not circumsized

I'm 66 years old, Mexican born in the US. Not sure why in a time when it was so popular, I was not circumsized. But here I am.

happy foreskin new year

to all my foreskin pals, happy new year . always remember the foreskin is natural, and sexy

Lots of Precum?

I dont know if its due to my foreskin, but I always have a lot of precum. Kik. Steviet6677

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What looks best, cut or uncut?

For me I love looking at cocks, whether cut or uncut, but find the sight of the glans just emerging form the foreskin is the sexiest image. And from my experience I find it the most arousing feeling as I pull my foreskin back slowly...

comparing on cam

anyone interested in comparing foreskin on skype? mine is quite long and a bit tight.

Love to show my uncircumcised penis.

Hi ladies and gents. Love to show my uncircumcised penis. Have had both likes and dislikes from ladies and men. Tell me what you think about wanting to show to anyone who wants to see? And yes, have tons of pics to share. Just ask.

Pissing with foreskin

Uncut guys, do you pull back your foreskin to pee or just let it flow?

Foreskin length?

How long is your foreskin? Do you have extra length beyond the tip of your penis? Or, does it just neatly cover your glans? I have a little bit extra length on mine.