Uncircumcised guys

Foreskin fan

Hello gents, gay cut man here but big fan of uncut men both to look at, play with and talk about. Any other gay men out there that enjoy a nice uncut cock??

What looks best, cut or uncut?

For me I love looking at cocks, whether cut or uncut, but find the sight of the glans just emerging form the foreskin is the sexiest image. And from my experience I find it the most arousing feeling as I pull my foreskin back slowly...

Foreskin cam

Hi all I am uncut and its quite loose even when erect. Love to chat with other guys on cam and maybe compare each other's. Always willing to show to cut guys too. Usually use Skype. Message me for contact details

big foreskin admirer

Hey guys - cut guy here; enjoy looking at uncut men; hit me up if interested normanjim123 on S

My personal experience.

I have also been uncut all my life. Never had a problem. My friends on TN like my foreskin.

comparing on cam

anyone interested in comparing foreskin on skype? mine is quite long and a bit tight.

Aussie Men 40+

I can't help feeling self conscious when nude because I'm not circumcised. Damn hippie parents!! I'm 45 and it seemed like all the other guys in the 80s were cut and most guys at the beach are cut. I wouldn't change now but wondering...

Pissing with foreskin

Uncut guys, do you pull back your foreskin to pee or just let it flow?

Men who are curious

I still get quite a few guys who have been cut and are trying to restore or who have a tight foreskin. Mine is quite long and loose and they all want to have a look at it on cam. I am always happy to oblige and satisfy their curiosity. Most say they...

Foreskin Piercing

I was wondering if anyone else has a piercing in their foreskin, it looks like a PA but is actually only in the foreskin ,i believe it is called a Kuno, i have had it a number of years and as yet never known of any one with the same piercing

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