Uncircumcised guys

Lots of Precum?

I dont know if its due to my foreskin, but I always have a lot of precum. Kik. Steviet6677

Uncircumcised fantasy

My as yet unfulfilled fantasy is to play with an uncut cock pull back the skin and lick and suck to orgasm. I am fascinated by uncut cocks and am envious of those who have one being cut myself at birth with no say in the matter. Love watching uncut...

UC Men

Glad there is a group for UC men, love being uncut and hanging naked admiring other UC penises

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new to truenudists and this group

hey guys im new on here and an uncircumcised guy. would be nice to get in touch with others

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by Zanny 
My foreskin.

My foreskin has been the centre of attention with a lot of women who come to me for my naturist Tantric massages. A lot of the women have never seena guy with a foreskin before and they get great pleasure when I let ehm stretch it and slide it back...

New to the group and thanks for sharing

Being a cut guy in the US, I do not get access to uncut men that often. As I start my nudist lifestyle after a recent nude beach trip. I hope to see more uncut cocks. Thank you for sharing yours in this group as well in your profiles until I see...

Foreskin stuffing

Anyone else like stuffing their foreskin? Here's mine with a golf ball inside.


I thought I 've joined this group before but oh well, I joined now. Have any of you guys ever have shrinkage to the point your penis is all the way in and only your foreskin is visible? This might be very common but I don't go out much and...

I'm not circumsized

I'm 66 years old, Mexican born in the US. Not sure why in a time when it was so popular, I was not circumsized. But here I am.

happy foreskin new year

to all my foreskin pals, happy new year . always remember the foreskin is natural, and sexy