Uncircumcised guys

Love to show my uncircumcised penis.

Hi ladies and gents. Love to show my uncircumcised penis. Have had both likes and dislikes from ladies and men. Tell me what you think about wanting to show to anyone who wants to see? And yes, have tons of pics to share. Just ask.

Foreskin length?

How long is your foreskin? Do you have extra length beyond the tip of your penis? Or, does it just neatly cover your glans? I have a little bit extra length on mine.

Foreskin when hard

Just curious guys... what happens with your foreskin when you get an erection, is it still covering the head or does it roll all the way back? Does it comes back to normal after or does it stay rolled back or shorter?


I am orally submissive and love uncut men. Uncut men can control my every move and use me as they wish. If more than one at the same time they could train me to take it in both ends at the same time! I need trainers guys! Have at me!

Lets keep it natural

Lets keep it natural at least for our future generations. Go on and join the discussion https://www.truenudists.com/group/ppl-agnst-circumcision/

New to the group

Good morning all. Just joined the group. Have always admired foreskins and I'm in the process of doing manual tugging to regrow mine. Sure wish I had never been cut.

Uncut & Being Truly Nude

This is kind of a curious question to ask, but it comes from some nudist guys who are completely shaved and circumcised, who say that they feel truly 'nude' when completely shaved and with their glands showing. Both alone, and with others....

Uncut nudist Skype Group

So I was thinking of creating a Skype group, exclusively for us that are nudists and are uncut. If you all are interested, please message me with your Skype ID and let's promote a natural men's body with us being uncut and appreciating our...

foreskin proud

hi guys- big fan of foreskin here- think it's the best way to be and to look at big fan of a big over hang or tight phimosis too... happy to chat more and Skype if you want to PM