Uncircumcised guys

Foreskin is natural and comes in many shapes...

Thankfully I was born in the Netherlands and it was not the custom to have boys circumcised at birth. Foreskin comes in all lengths, with various degrees of coverage of the glans, and in some cases well beyond. This may be something to keep in mind...


yes, I am UNCUT and proud

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Please correct the subtitle of this group.

It should be 'their' not 'there'.

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by Markyspark 
thoughts on docking ?

I am very curious about how this group feels about docking and some experiences they have had

Comparin foreskin.

Hey everyone. I'm just curious if anyone would like to compare foreskin on Skype.


Happy to get introduced with you all. FB: Sundaram A

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foreskin is the best

hi guys this a new group i am guessing there use to be another uncircumcised group with over 1k members , what happen to it ? why did it get deleted? Since there is only 15 guys here let's add our brothers with foreskin in here! if you're...

Cut but wish/want to be uncut

Hi therr everyone, I am cut and dont mind cut, but I have always loved uncut penises more for some reason and have wished my parents never got me cut. Over the years of seeing the beauty and hottness and pleasures of uncut, I have decided to try and...