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Desert hot springs ca

Can anyone tell me about desert springs in the palm Springs area of California, always through there visiting my girlfriend she is not a nudist but on my way out of town always think of enjoying a soak but don't know nothing about it nudeonriver

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Tucson Nude Reddington Pass Tanque Verde...

I have read you can actually hike nude at Reddington Pass. The trail is marked "You may encounter nude hikers". I have never been and have wanted to go for a long time. Any one had any experience there?-Summer

Takaragawa Onsen in Gunma, Japan

Naturist outings in Japan are extremely difficult to do and are often mostly limited to the onsen experience.However, my all-time favorite onsen is Takaragawa Onsen in Gunma ( because it offers konyoku () style...

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Northern Arizona/Las Vegas are

Planning a trip this spring to the Grand Canyon. Does anyone know any hot springs in the northern AZ/Lake Mead/Las Vegas area? After a few days hiking around a good soak would feel really good. Thanks in advance for any help.

El-dorado hot springs: Tonopah, Az

This is a true desert oasis!! You will be amazed once you pass through the rustic grounds on your way to your tub. It definately has a special quaint atmosphere like stepping into the past. I trully cannot stress what a relaxing experience this is....

Tips for hiking naked (oregon)

Forgive me if this has been covered before.Girlfriend and I plan on taking several naked day hikes this summer. Nothing long enough to take more than a small backpack for. I have yet to find a site that has a strong recommendation on things to bring...

Mountain Air Ranch in Colorado

Has anyone ever been to Mountain Air Ranch? I want to go but there is a membership fee, however their website says if you live more than 90 miles away you don't have to apply for a membership. Does anybody know if this is true?

Home Nudists

I am looking to form a group to support Home nude activities like encouraging nude living with like minded people.If so please help me to initiate a move.

Faywood Hot Springs, NM

From frinds in NM:We have great news about Faywood Hot Spring to share.] Recently, Bill spent almost half a week at Faywood Hot Spring, relaxing and] enjoying the healing waters in several of the clothing optional pools,] morning, noon, and night....

Camping in Arizona Mountains

My wife and I are going camping this summer, several times, and are looking for some guidance as to the best places for nude camping. I am referring to places that are remote enough to not cause any problems with would be passers by. Please let us...