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Remington and miracle hot springs. East of...

Road trip to norcal. After fueling, got on the freeway and got free for the drive. One stop for snack along the way, then back to free driving. About half way 35 miles west of the route (highway 99) are some hot springs. Went for my 2nd visit to...

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Orvis hot springs

Anyone ever been? I just went and it was AMAZING

Northeastern IL/ Southeastern Wisconsin Nude...

Hey all, Im new to the site, hope to meet some like minded folks. I love being in nature - hiking and finding secret swimming areas. Ive enjoyed finding a private point of entry for a quick dip in many rivers and small lakes (and of purse Lake...

DFW Nude Hiking

The purpose of this POST is to connect people in the DFW area who want to hike naked within reasonable distance from central DFW. I have explored several remote locations where i have hiked naked all afternoon and driven naked on back country roads....

Faywood Hot Springs, New Mexico

I just got back from a couple of days at Faywood Hot Springs New Mexico. I havent been there since the start of the apocalypse and it was great to go back. Ill write up a more detailed review on the Faywood page in the Locations section. If you get...

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Purdon crossing near Nevada city, CA

Mostly good hike at purdon. 3.5 miles out and back. Great until I got to the turn around point. Went to take a photo and found my phone missing! Backtrack looking at the ground. Told passersby that I lost a phone and said they would look. Apparently...

Remington hot springs. Kern River,CA

A nice place with three pools to enjoy. Remington is a known naked place. I went down and noticed no one was naked. So I stayed covered. A while later a young un runs in naked. I look around and mom (a self stated hippie) was finishing getting naked...

Northern California hot springs trip

I will be going to an awesome relaxing resort from the 13th to the 16th, Im single I have a room and I am looking for a thirties to forties female to join me. Please respond with a photo if you are interested.

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Springfield Mo Area

I was wondering if anyone knows of areas that one might go in and around the Springfield area? Counties are pretty small, so any area in the Ozarks would be considered.

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