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The Jefferson Pools at Warm Springs Virginia

Has anyone else been to the Jefferson Pools at Warm Springs Virginia? They are warm Sulfur springs, clothing optional. There is a men's bathhouse and woman's bathhouse, and if I'm not mistaken, on Sundays for an hour or two they have...

Sierra Hot Springs. Sierraville, CA

Sierra Hot springs is now offering buy one night stay and get the second night free till the end of April 2014. Mid week only. I think its only $88.00

Harbin Hot Springs

Would like to hear your experiences on Harbin Hot Springs. Would also like to hear from anybody who lives in Southern California and goes to Harbin.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

We LOVE Strawberry Park late in a winter evening after skiiing our butts off. Love the low light level, hot hot water and nice changing facilities. Anyone else enjoyed these hot springs nestled in the Rockies? (Nude after dark) Ian and Louise

Stanley Hot Springs

On the 12 in idaho turn into the Wilderness Gateway campground youll see signs for the boulder creek trail travel up the trail and ull hit a y go right toward boulder creek the trail will run into the Hot Springs the hike is about 6 miles in but ild...

The Appalachian Trail

Did anyone hike naked on the Appalachian Trail this year?Summer Solstice used to be the day for naked hikes on the AT ... and it was not considered unsusal for hikers on the trail be naked.I heard that the Forest Service was actively discouraging the...

Nude Ontario Hikes and trails

any one know if and where we can go hiking nude in ontario? if so where?

Heading to saline valley hot springs from Las...

Planning a spring break getaway to one of the best wild hot springs in the world from Henderson- Las Vegas area- going to camp out for 3-4 days. Looking for any groups going up at the same time-going to be awsome!

Marlin Texas, Center of Texas

Our town is famous for healing waters, and IF I ever get the funding we are going to dig into the hot springs (they run under my building) and make a year round pool and hot tubs. The water is amazing. The NY Yankees used to do their summer camps...

Yosemite park, Wawona area

I have gone free hiking and swimming along the river in the Wawona area. I have also been told that there are some hot springs somewhere that people use in the nude sometimes. Has anybody else free hiked or skinnydipped in a national park?