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Northern California hot springs trip

I will be going to an awesome relaxing resort from the 13th to the 16th, Im single I have a room and I am looking for a thirties to forties female to join me. Please respond with a photo if you are interested.

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Springfield Mo Area

I was wondering if anyone knows of areas that one might go in and around the Springfield area? Counties are pretty small, so any area in the Ozarks would be considered.

Kilt Hiking

I have been hiking in a kilt for the last couple of months. I find it close to hiking naked if on busy trails. At the trail head I stick my shirt in my backpack so all I am wearing are boots, gators, backpack and kilt. IfI feel comfortable, I take...

Nudist Spots in Central Virginia

This may not be the correct area for this topic, but I couldn't find another area that it better fit. I live in central Virginia and know of a spot where outdoor nudism is possible. I say "possible" because there are a few problems...

Colorado Hikes 2020

I have some great areas I have been hiking lately and would love some company so, am going to try and organize a few hikes over the next couple of months. Please reach out and let me know if you are interested and we can go from there. Most are...

Saline Hot Springs, Death Valley California

Has anybody been to Saline Hot Springs? I've only recently become aware or this place. Certainly hard to get to but it sounds like it would be worth the trip.

Harbin Hot Springs

Would like to hear your experiences on Harbin Hot Springs. Would also like to hear from anybody who lives in Southern California and goes to Harbin.

Breitenbush Hot springs

Sadly the Breitenbush hot spring in Or. lost about half their buildings in the fires, their historic lodge was saved which is nice

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Rhode Island Isolated Trails

I'm looking for some isolated trails where I can do some nude hiking. Even nearby Massachusetts would be good.

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