Hot Springs and Trails

Discussions on Clothing Optional Hot Springs and Isolated Trails

Alamo Cayon, Catalina State Park, Tucson AZ

I had a nice hike up Alamo Canyon in Catalina State Park about two weeks ago. We started out fairly late on a sunny cool morning. We went up Alamo Canyon, a trail I had been on previously. About two miles up the trail you come across a stream that...

Kilt Hiking

I have been hiking in a kilt for the last couple of months. I find it close to hiking naked if on busy trails. At the trail head I stick my shirt in my backpack so all I am wearing are boots, gators, backpack and kilt. IfI feel comfortable, I take...

Florida trails

I overheard a conversation the other day regarding Lake Marion Huckleberry Island trail in the Poinciana area. They were talking about how they can hike nude there. Can anyone confirm this or experienced the area?

Chinati Hot Springs

Has anyone been to the Chinati Hot Springs in west Texas?I have seen online that parts of it are clothing optional, but that ofcourse may or may not be true. (The internet tells no lies right?)I will be going that way in January and was wondering...

Harbin Hot Springs Leveled.

The Valley Fire has leveled Harbin Hot Springs. Their web page and FB page will likely have more news.

Faywood Hot Springs New Mexico

I made a day visit to Faywood Hot Springs a few months ago and really enjoyed it. There are separate clothing required and clothing optional public soaking tubs as well as private tubs. Nudity is not allowed outside the clothing optional soaking or...

Place to hike nude near Denver,CO

we are looking for place to hike, sunbath or enjoy hot springs with friend while in Denver June 29-July 3, 2016. Any information would be appreciated.

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