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Glory Of The Divine

Diversity is found in university, Flows from the Divine, magnified among every kind Shape of eye, size of body, color of hide The creativity Of Our Creator will blow your mind Diversity is found in university, The deceiver he is a weaver of webs of...


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Uncovered and Awakened

Beautiful formed creation Natural and pure at its beginning Uncovered and awakened from sleeping under the blanket of darkness The warmth of the sun rises over the mountains and hill tops Caressing them to life with the gentle kiss of the wind The...

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Best Farting Jokes

I was in the restaurant yesterday when I suddenly realized I desperately needed to pass gas. The music was really, really loud, so I timed my gas with the beat of the music. After a couple of songs, I started to feel better. I finished my coffee, and...

Friday's Beetle Bailey strip

One of soldiers is in bed, and the doc is saying to him " maybe the water at Campy Swampy doesn't agree with you?" To which the soldier replies, " How about sending me to a camp with ocean breezes, a NUDE beach, and a nearby...

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An Alcoholic, a Chain Smoker and a Homosexual go to the doctor.The doctor says: "If any of you indulge one more time you'll die."As they walk home they pass a bar. The Alcoholic has a shot of whiskey, falls off his stool stone cold...

New Jersey Jokes

A girl says to her date, "You're in for a real treat. I've been told that I have a body like New Jersey." So, her date grabs her waist and asks, "What's this?" She replies "Middlesex." He grabs her butt and...

What's nudism for Tromp ?

Anyone knows what think the new president about nudism ? I ask because I saw a statue of him naked in a tv show so may be.... Let us know. Thanks

Funny One Liners

What's the difference between a lawn mower and a bagpipe? You can tune a lawn mower.

Paper Or Plastic ?

This Humorous story is inspired by the obsession People in the United States has with altering their bodies, on a quest to posses the perfect body. The entertainment industry is the biggest influence on what is becoming socially excepted. People who...