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New Chain Game

This replaces old game. To reply, drop the first word and use the last word first. Then add one that will go with it.

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New Game - Use Two and Drop One

Use any two of three words from previous post and add new word in any order.

Song Title Chain

I would like to suggest a new thread game. Song Title Chain Here are the rules. Choose a word from the song title in the previous posting, Using that EXACT word post a different song title and the artist who recorded it. Please UNDERLINE the word...

Thread game! Spanish-English words

As all games are only English centered I propose this one for Spanish and English speakers (let's learn new vocabulary!) To reply and English word, you must type any word in the other language (Spanish) using the last letter of the previous...

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by Rafael_latino 
Change a letter game

Put up two words which have only one letter changed, taken out or inserted. The words mean very different things but they could be linked. Some examples Public pubic Erection election Prostrate prostate

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by Rafael_latino 
Don't worry be happy nude in 2021

Happy new year! We don't know what 2021 has in store for us, but we're pretty sure it's going to be a better year than 2020! Hope for 2021

Normalizing Nudity - Video Series (Link...

Normalizing Nudity Youtube Series Hey all! I thought you might enjoy this series. Normalizing Nudity on YouTube Zero

Random thoughts and jokes

One night I went to a local bar and asked the very pretty barmaid "Where have you been all my life?" She smiled and replied, "For the first half of it, I wasn't born yet."

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