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New Chain Game

This replaces old game.To reply, drop the firstword and use the last word first. Then add one that willgo with it.

Song Title Chain

I would like to suggest a new thread game.Song Title ChainHere are the rules.Choose a word from the song title in the previous posting,Using that EXACT word post a different song title and the artist who recorded it.Please underline the word you use...


ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZHow to Play:I will start a topic.Each player goes in order from A-Z to name something from thattopic.After we reach z, we get a new topic. Player who posts for zchooses the new topic.If we can no longer post to a topic (ie:...

New Game - Use Two and Drop One

Use any two of three words from previous post and add new word in any order.

More Animal Jokes

Dogs dont love you. Theyre just glad they dont live in China.

Vintage Nudist Humor

I found a funny blog that's free, with nudist humor I thought was funny.Vintage Nudist Humor



Riddle Game

Something really simple. Post a riddle. See who gets it right. No turn order. Just post as you will. With that being said... I have a mouth, but I do not eat. I have a bed, but I do not sleep. I have a bank, but I have no money. What am I?

Newly Published Book: Steward of the...

Dear friends, I have just published my first book Steward of the Harvest Description of my book: This book is a collection of spiritual art and poetry by Stephen J. Vattimo. The artwork and poetry challenge the viewer to open their eyes and ears to...

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