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foods best eaten nude

i was enjoying a bowl of chili last night when i spilled a little on my chest, i thought , glad i'm not wearing a shirt . what other foods can you think of best eaten naked ?

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They can be real or jokes. Nudist or not. Doesn't really matter. Lets just try to brighten each others day. I'll Start. The Taser Dear Friends, My wife Kathy is fond of saying that my last words on this earth will be something akin to,...

Notes From An Inexperienced Chili Taster...

***Edit*** This did not actually happen to me it is a joke. Recently I was honored to be selected as an Outstanding Famous Celebrity in Texas: to be a judge at a chili cook-off because no one else wanted to do it. Also the original person called in...

Normalizing Nudity - Video Series (Link...

Normalizing Nudity Youtube Series Hey all! I thought you might enjoy this series. Normalizing Nudity on YouTube Zero

What do you prefer? Game

Here is how it works! Pick one of the two things listed that you like in the above post, then you post two for the next person. Truenudists. Hairy or Shaved Body?


A street person was walking across a parking lot and he found a $20.00 bill. Wondering wha he should do with the money, he asked himself; What Would Jesus Do? So he took the money and turned it into wine.

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New Patrion Saint!

Did you hear that the Catholic Church has designated a new patron saint for all those who always send copies of their e-mails to others? His name is St. Frances of A CC. You may groan if you like. DesertRat

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Restroom Humor

In a recent post under the heading "Epiphany at the urinal..." someone posted a poem they had read on the wall of a ladies restroom. There are hundreds of examples of this type of humor; in fact I believe that someone oncepublished a book...

There are so many groups on this site. Some are logical in that they attract nudist with something in common. I.e. Normandy Nudist, or Adrenaline Rush Seeking Nudist. But some are pretty obscure. So let's have some fun. In 4 words or less ,...

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