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One night I went to a local bar and asked the very pretty barmaid"Where have you been all my life?"She smiled and replied, "For the first half of it, I wasn't born yet."

Halloween Costume? In the Nude???? :)

When a nude person goes to a Halloween costume party...What does a nude person wear??? Asking for a friend. LOL

Find The Opposite (New Game)

Your answer must be completely opposite to the previous post. Exapmle- Reply to Young Black Cow would be Old White Bull. After giving answer, player then posts new set of words.'s a game thread

Much like the original Survey says thread , this is a question and answer game. Rules of thumb apply if any do at all when applicable.It's a basic this or that question much like a either or question would be or a this verses that.After answering...

Throw back Thursday the thread

A vintage thread or post a pic. Change your default for the day or not .........whatever

Numerical Progression

Instead of a word-based association game, what about a numerical association game? Begin by making a statement using the number immediately following the one listed in the current listed post. Either the raw number form (i.e., three) or the ordinal...

Riddle Game

Something really simple. Post a riddle. See who gets it right. No turn order. Just post as you will. With that being said... I have a mouth, but I do not eat. I have a bed, but I do not sleep. I have a bank, but I have no money. What am I?

Help Wanted the thread

What's your dream job ? Nude or not nude . It's not rocket science , anything work place related . Examples What would be a mainstream job that you wish you could do nude ? What's a the job that got away , basically you didn't get it....

No tatoos, No Brandings

I believe the Human body is the Temple for God's Holy Spirit. So I have no tattoos or brandings on my body, and I don't date a woman who has them. Well, I broke up with my latest girlfriend. While engaged in a steamy passionate horizontal...

by thomasstierney 
Anatomy Can Be Fun. ABCD,,,,,

GAME RULES - Following in alphabetical from the previous post, think of a funny word to describe things relating to human anatomy. The First TOPIC will be Automobile related. EXAMPLE --- Axle Ass, Bugatti Bowels. etc,,

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