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What the well-dressed nudist wears

What does a nudist wear? If you answered Nothing, youre partly wrong according to an article on the CNW Group web site, the most frequently used and most widely accessed full-text news release site in Canada. According to the article, the well-heeled...

What did your friends wedding cost you?

I just returned from a wedding for my better halfs best friend. It was 8 hours away in sunny atlanta. After returning I was going over exactly what was spent and it got me to wondering just how much some people will spend to be at their friends...

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Well, you first gotta understand that this chicken had a hard childhood. His father left when he had yet to hatch. His mother looked after him for a few years, but she was a druggie and didnt do that great a job. Eventually she sold him into slavery...

Fireworks At The Beach

Fireworks At The Beach One Fourth of July, a Hobo and his seven year old son were sitting on the beach together watching the towns firework display. As the Child was mesmerized by the sounds of the explosions echoing through the silent air,and the...

Flowers,Candy,Stuffed Bear ?

Hey are there any men out there that Valentines Day has slipped your mind ? Well dont worry your woman isnt mad at you for that,because you haven missed Valentines day. Have any of the men out there seen the television commercial for The Vermont...

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Naturalism a new religion

Naturalism a new religion Naturalism a righteous decision Naturalism is integrity and a mission Nude you come n go too is real cycle completion Nude or rude you choose and nude is better option Controversy nudism may be, still a catching caption...

Theistic Evolution Stinks!

Theistic Evolution Stinks! One day at a college a Mexican Professor who teaches a course on World Religions, gave his students his theological definition of ,Theistic Evolution. He explained to his students that Theistic Evolution is the theory that...

Windows Of Heaven

Windows of Heaven They inhabit places all throughout the world Some stately,some are meager in statue They are constructed according to the Carpenters hand. Windows of Heaven They are Gods children, They are passages for Gods light to Pass through To...

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Sorry not quite PC

Did you hear about the fat, alcoholic transvestite - All he wanted to do was eat, drink and be Mary.__________Did you hear about the dyslexic atheist with insomnia? He laid awake all night wondering if there was dog__________I got invited to a party...

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