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Fake Accounts

I have been asked to post this on behalf of another member. Update on baily38, her profile pic is from a Russian girl, 2006 and Raven Riley in 2010, on the adult section porn network. I can only conclude this is a fake account. Please post as Im not...

Fake Account


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Check out the newest Valentines day blog

Hello fellow nudies, We've posted a new Valentines Day blog and would love to hear from our users. Enjoy! teamtrue2

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Nude meet in Hyderabad

Hi, I will be hosting a nude meet in Hyderabad on the evening of Jan 19th - for CERTIFIED PEOPLE ONLY. Anyone who wants to meet can contact me for details.

Nudist Shaving Party

Ok so I love getting nude and going to the nude park. As part of that, I am one that really prefers to be shaved down there and smooth. When possible I do front and backside . I do the electric razor when long then either go to a straight edge with...

Tipperary Ireland

Hi all, Are there any nudists from Ireland, especially from the Thurles, Tipperary area on here? I would like to get know like minded people. It can be a lonely lifestyle sometimes. Looking forward to reading your replies and comments.

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is the chat room down today as it just keeps saying the following "The server has reset or is not currently online." regards

certified or not certified????

Hi - I joined the site a few days ago and sent off the documents to get certified. On the progress page it showed I was certified very quickly, but everywhere else on the site that doesn't seem to be the case. So, I am part certified and part...

Addition of Forum Flagging - Help with the...

After seeing the forums degenerating into nothing but name calling and bickering, I've decided to integrate flagging into the system. Users can now flag posts and over the next few days I'll be analyzing the data and writing a method to...

My post asking about forum and group...

I asked why there was no moderation for the clearly sexual forum posts or groups and my post is removed. This is part of a problem on this website and instead of moderation jumping to discusses concerns they remove posts that point out issues. I...