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Single male here in great shape going on...

going to lake como in lutz florida 8/20/21 to 8/23/21 ive already booked the room and can bring one person.I will pay for the room 100 percent not looking for anything but a friend to tag along with.You must be 21 they have kayaking trails hot tub...

Valalta, Rovinj, Croatia

Hello all. Will anyone be visiting Valalta this month? (July 2021) Possibly I will be there last week of July, but no apartments, bungalows or mobile homes are available to rent, only availability are tent pitches. Thanks

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Sunny Haven

We are hoping to visit Sunny Haven Resort in Grainger Ind. We are wondering how others that have been there rate it ?

Certification on the Site

It states to upload 2 photos, 1 clothed and 1 nude. For the nude photo, does it have to show genitalia or is a shirtless picture of a man sufficient?

need to find nudists

I live ib La Crosse, WI. I am trying yo find a way to meet others who enjoy snaring nakedness with others. anyone lining in this area and looking to make contacts contact me

New CHAT ROOM so bad

Very disappointed in the new chat room format. Hard to navigate, way more limitations, you can only view 2 cams at a time, you can't private cam anymore. What a bummer.

Question for the admins.

I cant help but wonder if True Nudists has an office that they work out of, or is everyone works remotely. If you work out of an office, is nudity allowed in the work place? if so, that would be so cool.


Hello, I have been critical of this platform for about ten years (2010-2020), because the admins are unwilling to hear or admit that changes are needed. I find that trueNudists is highly English-centric: it does not allow for accents (French,...

How do you make contact with the site for...

How do you ask an administrator or moderator a question? Lots of issues and inconsistencies. Love the site but a standard would be a more positive experience. Can I send a certified picture for the site? Every time we both try to upload the site...

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Welcome to the new NEW

We've added a bunch of features and hope you like them. We now have... - Profile Integrated Forum - Groups -Bulletins - Member Status Updates - Friend Updates - Improved Profile Portal - Member Blogs - Member Statistics - Improved Home Page -...

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