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Scammer ''penfriends''.

Please ticket and flag this profile as it is one of these scams to try to get hold of your money.

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clothed male naked male

Hello all, i'd like to meet up with someone and hang out with them naked while they remain fully clothed. That's it really. If your in the UK and fancy it, let me know. I'm in the south west of England. I don't want sex or anything,...

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Call for the Owners to delete this profile

Please flag this person and call for the owners to delete their profile. Profile Name: anhayned

Chat room rules.

One of the complaints on this site is people been kicked out of chat for breaking the rules, but when you go into chat there isn't any way of finding the rules at all. So the site owners should get it changed so the rules come up before you can...

NO more New groups????

Every time I click on create a new group, I get "Page not Found Sorry, looks like you clicked a bad link or something has been moved You can go back to the Previous page or Try visiting our home page" It's been doing this for days now....

Reporting Blogs

Is there any way of reporting blogs as there isn't any way of flagging them as one I have come across is about sex and should be removed from the site and most likely the other two from the same person as she? thinks this is a sex site by her...

report a bug function

I can't possibly be the only one having trouble replying to people's messages. I did the repot a bug thing but not a word back. color me frustrated


I can't view any videos. Can someone advise and is there a special download I need. Thanks Nudist7

Anyone around in Adelaide, South Australia

G'day there. Any locals around, who would like to meet up for a beer and feed, then hang out nude somewhere? Let me know, because I'm in town at the moment for the next week. Keen to meet and greet. Don't be shy, say hi.

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Adjusting the Feed

Is there a way I can turn off others feed posts that show up on my feed? All these "joined" and "friended" have glaring nude pictures that I don't want on my computer screen every time I open my feed. No offended, just...