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report a bug function

I can't possibly be the only one having trouble replying to people's messages. I did the repot a bug thing but not a word back. color me frustrated


I can't view any videos. Can someone advise and is there a special download I need. Thanks Nudist7

Anyone around in Adelaide, South Australia

G'day there. Any locals around, who would like to meet up for a beer and feed, then hang out nude somewhere? Let me know, because I'm in town at the moment for the next week. Keen to meet and greet. Don't be shy, say hi.

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Adjusting the Feed

Is there a way I can turn off others feed posts that show up on my feed? All these "joined" and "friended" have glaring nude pictures that I don't want on my computer screen every time I open my feed. No offended, just...

Any One who knows any Nudist in Dubai?

I am alone here. If anyone knows anyone, please message me, I will share my whatsapp numebr that you can pass on to other nudist in Dubai

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Question-----why is there not a group for paid members ? How long does someone haveta be away from logging in to be dropped from the register ?

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by Mebuck 
Can't add/edit locations

Hi all, Ever since I've been a paying member, every time I go to update or add a Location, I get the following error: "We are upgrading this feature. Please try again soon." Any ideas what is happening there? Are there plans to bring...

Joining a "Location" - can't...

I try to join an existing Location, but when I click the button, it brings up a window asking if I want to LEAVE the Location (or Cancel the request). Yet the status shows me as not having joined yet. I was able to join a new Location (Playalinda...

how to trim a video so it is small enough to...

Anyone know the file size that is allowed to be posted? My videos don't show up here. Thanks,

Bartlett Lake and Jetskiing 8/5/17

Meetup 8:15am in front of old Basha's by Circle K and Dutch Bros. at 20745 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85255. Then we head to the lake. I have room for four riders if needed and have a pass. $8 to park at lake for others cars. Bring...

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