Shaved Truenudist that are CERTIFIED

Time for a Shave - Just Sharing the...

Decided a Shaved site should have photos of shaving - so here you go with my experience. I use Nair after trimming the hair short and do front and back. Key is to NOT do the area between the back of the scrotum and your rectum - if you make that...

Time for a shave

I's finally getting warm enough to prepare for social nudity so time also to shave it all. I want to be smooth when the resorts reopen.

SMOOTHIE ONLY mixed party dinner/pool etc

Has any one experienced being at a mixed sex smoothie party. We would like to hear about the event , numbers attending, what happened to any one not smooth , activities included etc .

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Always smooth

I have shaved for many years now and keep things cleaned up daily. Its such a wondnerful feeling especially when out in the open air.

Totally smooth

I took the plunge yesterday. For years I shaved basically from my waist down. I ve always hated any body hair and I have plenty, but always left hair on my torso and arms and back. While in the outdoor shower yesterday I decided I've got to try...

Smooth on the beach,

I have been going smooth since last summer, so much better, no white patch anymore and cooler too, think it looks better too,

All you naked and shaved lovely people

Morning everyone, just like to say thank you for accepting my request to join the group

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Finally smooth again

I am not sure how many of you do this but I did only to satisfy my wife. She does not like the smooth look on me but I love it. So I didnt go smooth for a couple of month and didnt trim the hair either. So I did that to make her happy but realized...

Worried about comments from non nudists!!

I've always been totally smooth down to just above my knees, this way I can wear shorts when around clothed people, awkward keeping top on when really hot lol. Well just before Christmas I done my legs as well so now smooth from neck too feet, I...

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