Shaved Truenudist that are CERTIFIED

Back shaving

Trying to find an easy and safe way to remove back hair. Any ideas from those that do?

Shaving vs. Waxing

I shave and my wife prefers being waxed...her hair is getting much thinner after each session. She recently changed to sugaring and it's a lot less painful. We just posted some pics from one of her sessions.

A HIstory Lesson

If you remember the 1970's you remember that pubic hair was everywhere. My wife and I eventually discovered the joy of smoothness but only did that occasionally, not as a standard practice. The few friends whom we told about that found the idea...

New to Group and Newly Shaved

Hello, I just shaved myself for the first time in 50+ years. Wasn't easy but glad I did it. Thought about it for a long time, but didn't know where to end (I want my leg hair left on). So far I enjoy it. So joined this group.

Sometimes I get the ITCH!

I'm new to the group. I also like the smooth look and feel but I don't usually shave. I prefer to just trim real close with my Wahl when I cut my hair every couple of weeks. It's quick and easy with similar results. Every so often...

How much of your body do you shave?

I keep my body shaved from the neck down and love the smooth feeling! New photo in the photo section.

Laser hair removel

Have any other members went this route and have had your hair permanently removed by a laser technician professional?

MeWe and kik

We are on MeWe and kik as randkcouple say hi and tell us who your are on here

Shaved smooth

Thank you for letting me join, I have only been shaved smooth for a few weeks but really enjoying it and will stay smooth, happy to post photos if anyone is interested, here is me showering after first shave.

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