Shaved Truenudist that are CERTIFIED

Why smooth?

Genetically, I do not have a lot of hair. My heritage being mexican, and I am sure there is some type of indian in there, whether Mexican-indian, or American-indian, I am blessed without a lot of body hair. Except for lower legs, patchy interior...

Do you keep yourself shaved when you visit...

I have no issue being shaved in front of other nudists because I fit right in. But with doctors, I'm a little self conscious, so I always grow my pubic hair back when I'm getting my annual checkup to the doctor. I always hate that because...

Shaving Yourself and Sharing

Just wanted to post that I recently posted a video of shaving myself on my media - AustinJohn. Like to see other women on here also share the experience since it is both sexual and educational. I am all into smooth and even invite women or couples...

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Self Waxing

Good day my fellow bares. 25 or so years ago I was dealing with Follicular cysts in the groin and belt area, painful to say the least. At a massage appt the owner of the buisness, a skin Dr. suggested waxing but would not go "there"....

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Care to be Bare?

Thank you for including me into this group. I love being nude and believe youre not really nude if you have hair down there. When I need to see a doctor I always shave clean the night before. Clean and proud.


hey i have question for everyone do you guys know how to permanently remove your body hair cause i get tired of shaving every few weeks during the summer?

We are on kik

We are on kik as randkcouple let us know who you are on there


We are on there as randkco learning how to use it

Time for a Shave - Just Sharing the...

Decided a Shaved site should have photos of shaving - so here you go with my experience. I use Nair after trimming the hair short and do front and back. Key is to NOT do the area between the back of the scrotum and your rectum - if you make that...

Time for a shave

I's finally getting warm enough to prepare for social nudity so time also to shave it all. I want to be smooth when the resorts reopen.

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