Shaved Truenudist that are CERTIFIED

Laser Razor

A link to a crowd-funded project for a laser razor, something that shaved nudists may well find very useful if the project works out: Disclaimer - I have no link...

Shaved legs or unshaved? What do you ladies...

Evening everyone! this is something thats been on my mind for a while

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shaved legs for men?

I do shave my legs frequently to get a very smooth feeling and a better tan. And I do see more and more men doing it. What do you think?

attention all

i have a three week-old petition here that you can sign if you want:

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we stay smooth all year, but summer is here hope everybody is ready ... how many stayy smooth or just when summer gets here they shave????

Love that Clean feeling

I love being nude and find it very comfortable to save my self clean. My lady appreciates it and calls me her eye candy. LOL

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always smooth.

hate the feel of stubble down there need to be smooth all the time.

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