Shaved Truenudist that are CERTIFIED

always smooth.

hate the feel of stubble down there need to be smooth all the time.

I have gotten lazy

winter here and no one coming around so haven't shaved my pubic hair for 2 weeks


I am normally shaved smooth from top to toe, I've decided not to shave for the whole of November. I didn't realise how hairy I am, it has been over 15 years since I started shaving, a bit of a shock, llol Has anybody else not been smooth for...

Anyone have permanent hair removal?

I spoke with someone who does something called thermolysis and she also told me to look into information on laser hair removal. I was surprised at how long it seems to take to become permanent - and with the laser it's never permanent; so you...

Male waxing

Ok.... I have been curious on waxing versus shaving for awhile. Do guys have to go to special people than girls to get a wax job? Are there any particular questions I should ask when calling around to find a place to go? Does anyone recommend...


Hi, has anybody practical experience in sugaring? We would try to test it, but we don't know anybody, who does it...


I shave my balls and base of penis every other day with electric razor, seems to be real smooth and no irritation

how do you get rid of razor bumps?

Hi everyone, I'm sure most of us that shave "down there" has experienced the unfortunate razor bumps and ingrown hairs at some point. I was just curious, how do you get rid of them? What products do you use? Whats your...

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