Shaved Truenudist that are CERTIFIED

Naked in Alexandria va

Any ladies are couples like hang out naked hit me up

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Just shaved my whoooole body

till now i was only shaving my chest belly genital and anus but today i decided to shave all oooover... damn is the best feeling ever. ill never leave hair anywhere again. i just love touching my newly shaved areas. i recommend it to everyone

Wax/sugaring vs Shaving

I'm sort of taking an informal poll to see how many use waxing or sugaring instead of shaving. If so, do you have a professional do it or do it yourself? We use Alexandria sugar instead of shaving. Last so much longer and it grows back thinner...


I just got waxed and i shave my legs and my wife and I love it


i read oncethat it is better fora man to be hard when he shaves

Shaved legs or unshaved? What do you ladies...

Evening everyone! this is something thats been on my mind for a while i ve discovered that being shaved on the chest it feels much much nicer smoother and even sexier. i know that many girls like it but what about the legs? Do u like shaved legs on...

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