Circumcised Naturists

Speedos and being circumcised

Just wondering if any other guys here also cut the lining out of the swim trunks so the shape of their glans shows through. I cut mine out so I know anyone who looks at my bulge will instantly know I've been circumcised! big turn on! anyone else?

cut in an uncut world

being born in the usa I was cut as a baby but then moved to England when I was 5 then at school showers where mandatory after gym class as I got older I noticed all my mates where un cut, so I always felt different, but it also introduced to being...

High and loose

Hi all, I'm considering getting circumcised and going for a high and loose cut. Does anyone have experience of this style? Thanks!

Like cut penises? Say why?

Share your feelings about why you like cut cocks better (I do!), and your feelings towards your own cut penis. You may share direct to at if you prefer. Thanks! Rick.

Cut Club.

If anyone uses TELEGRAM to chat feel free to add me. Always up for a natter and love to be nakeyyyyy. User name: Blueeyes_ben Lets chat...

Nudist WhatsApp Group

Hey fellow nudists! I have a nudist WhatsApp group that welcomes nudists from all over the world to join, share experiences and make new connections. If anyone wants to join just drop me a message with your number. Naked hugs, Joe

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by Deityoflust 
Circumcision illustration photos - Don't...

These photos make it look so easy to get a circumcised. I would not do this at home. When you decide that it's time to get circumcised go see a urologist or physician. I was circumcised at the age of 21 best decision I ever made!

circumcised - state or event?

Some men I know say 'I am circumcised', a state in which they are, like 'I am bald/hairy/short ...'. Other guys say 'I have been circumcised', and it was an event, like 'I have been vaccinated'. (When referring to the...

After a long bike ride

... in cold weather and tight cycling gear on , my usually perfectly exposed bellend had retracted and was fully covered . Bit of a shock when I undressed before a shower. Thankfully the usual bare appearance resumed quickly once free (and warmer)....

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