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Why not LGBQT+N for Nudist??

I have been a Nudist for roughly 35 years and have seen clothing optional California beaches and resorts closed over the years because a few bad actors. In these WOKE times why are Nudist not afforded the same rights as LGBTQ+. Since I was a baby, I...

Looking for lift to Autumn Farm

Hi I'm a 71yr old gay man looking for a lift to Autumn Farm Golden Bay from anywhere North of Taupo. I can share costs to get there. I have my own tent and cooking facilities and would be independent. So you don't have to worry about putting...

Nude Magician Performs a Nude Magic Act at...

Watch a nude magic act --or--

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Should You Sleep in the Nude?

"For years, Ive heard buzz about how sleeping naked can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, leading to other health benefits. Its been something people have proudly identified with being a sleep nudist. However, a video a doctor...

Male Roommate Needed (San Diego)

Room For Rent (92128) Carmel Mountain Ranch Area PLEASE READ / SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY LOOKING FOR MALE ROOMMATE SINGLE ROOM BECOMING AVAILABLE IMMEDIATE SCREENING Application Fee: $48 Rent: $2,971 total / monthly split between two of us $1,485...

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Incidental Nudity In The Family... Birdie

I wasn't raised nudist but with myself, 4 siblings and my parents living in a 3 bedroom house with 1 bathroom, there was definitely incidental nudity which seemed quite normal to me. For a family of seven, sharing the bathroom, especially in the...

What would you want experience again for the...

I've just invented a time machine (not really but if I had) what event would you go back to to experience for the first time again?? Think mine would be, 1 meeting my first grandson 2seeing pink Floyd live for the first time 3 my first festival...

Nude Beach n Nanticoke Ontario

Has anyone heard of a nude beach near Nanticoke, Ontario. Someone mentioned it once and I would be interested in more info. I imagine it would be on lake Erie.

Kitchener , Ontario Apartment to Share

Have a great apartment to share , 2 bedroom , all newly furnished , spare bedroom can be furnished or not , has High Speed WIFI and great TV. Looking for another Senior nudist to share with. Building has pool, saunas, gym and even store in building...

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Petition for nude hiking trails allocation

PETITION: Whom would be keen in signing a petition to have designated nude hiking trails, allocated in national parks, in Australia?

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