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Age Distribution

I commented that I was glad to find someone else here in their sixties. The response come back that it was believed that most of us here were in our sixties. So, then I wondered. Here's the distribution by age for certified members. Age range :...

Where to Garden in the Nude: best and worst...

"Yes, naked gardening is a thing ... The prudish may prefer that these encampments remain out of sight, but N.I.M.B.Y. might as well stand for nude in my backyard ... Where to Appreciate the Joys of Naked Gardening...

Should You Sleep in the Nude?

"For years, Ive heard buzz about how sleeping naked can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, leading to other health benefits. Its been something people have proudly identified with being a sleep nudist. However, a video a doctor...


Were you embarrassed when you first started going nude? Are you still embarrassed under certain circumstances, like if certain people see you?

Weather In Your Area

July 19,2016 Yesterday was mostly sunny, 87f. Today's temperature is forecast to reach 95f

Can you find God without Church or Religion?

Hey Whats up my nudist family, I need your thoughts and advice. I recently left Christianity, due to reasons that I won't discuss. My dilemma is that I still believe in G-D, however in my reading I feel that I am more aligned with the Judaism,...

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I remember this from when it was aired, show's a fun side but an interesting watch

Log-in Page Pictures

I've been curious about who these people are that greet us when we log in. I don't think any of them are really active members on the site. So I did a little investigation of them, and here's what I found. azrebel05 No information...

Nude art

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