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The Island (Fiction)

"Even if we did used to be married, it just feels weird undressing in front of you. Why don't you go ahead. I'll be out later." She watched James toss his clothes onto his bed and throw open the cabin door. He stood there a moment...

Looking for a naked cabin mate February 2022

Hello QUESTION : Why is it so hard to find a female NUDIST travel parter who would have 14 days off work. and we would have a whole year to get to know each other before cruising together If you had the funds and time off work then someone (senior...

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Could anyone please tell me what "popularity" means below the Statistics heading. Mine has over 43,000 ? but dont know what it is. Thanks.

some mental fun

Below is a list of phrases. Read through them with a creative mind. When you figure out the riddle , don't share it, Instead make a one or two of your own and add to the list. PLEASE don't spoil someone else's fun by blurting out the...

London: Looking for a nudist flat-share /...

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a nudist flat-share or another nudist to buddy-up to start a flat-share in London. Anyone interested, please get in touch and send a dm

Time Share Condo for Rent.

Because of travel restrictions I have a time share condo for rent in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. It is available weeks 18 and 19, May 1st to May 15th 2021. It is a one bedroom ( sleeps 4) unit. There is a pool and a hot tub and the beach is just...

New encouraging Swimsuit fashion trend?

My son I were talking today and he was telling me something quite interesting. He and his wife and daughter often go out to lakes in the area to spend the day playing in the water, snoozing in the sun, picnicking, etc. They are not nudists but know...


Were you embarrassed when you first started going nude? Are you still embarrassed under certain circumstances, like if certain people see you?

Nudist Birthplans?

I was watching an Australian tv show about a gynacologist and one of her patients, a pregnant woman and her partner (male) asked if everyone involved in their birthplan could be naked. This weirds her out. Now on telly the baby comes out clean and...

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