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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

Single Men

Is it just me or is every other single man is facing the same issue. I cannot make any friends on here because Im a single man. Most couples/ women have no single men mentioned on their profiles. Guys think youre gay. Lol Im as it is scared and...

Getting an erection

Hello i am new to being a nudist IT must be so embarrassing for a guy visiting a beach to get an erection. Guys don't need to be thinking about sex for this to happen How do you deal with things like this ?

at what age was your first nudist...

as discovered nudismat first as most people associated with nudism sex, orgies and stuff but one day sailing on the internet looking for a class of images put the words nursing women, men, nudity and porn and I went horrible things but when I put...


So I am a first timer. Will be visiting Haulover Beach next week in Florida. Anticipating being fully exposed for the first time, is it advisable to put sunscreen on delicate parts so as to prevent sunburn? Do these areas ever tan up to the point...

Anyone from/near west Tennessee?

Hi all, I just joined a few days ago with the intention of getting in touch with any naturists in my area. I've always been interested in nudism and naturism, but I've never been brave enough to come out to anyone about it. Ever since I was...

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New here

Hi, Just joined this site, been curious about naturism for years but never really had the confidence to do much about it. Hoping to make contact with some interesting, likeminded people so please say hi! Graeme

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by GAN1982 
Closet nudist here!

Hello! My name is Dan and I'm new to this community. I would say I've been a closet since I was about 13 years old.When I was 12 or 13, I had the random thought : "What would it be like to sleep without wearing any pajamas?" I'm...

Certification picture

Can I also post my certification picture in with my profile pictures, or is that a no no. It's nothing they haven't seen before lol.

confused weather certified or not

My name John. got notice that I was certified 25 days ago but my status still says I'm not and my profile photo wasn't posted ? What is going on?


Hi, we just signed up a few days ago and submitted pics for certification yesterday. How long does it take to get a response?

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