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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

New to the site

Hello, brand new to the site and wanted to say hello. I hope to meet a lot of new, amazing people. Feel free to say hello. I will update my profile with pics soon. Thanks for having me.

Newbie with a question

Hi We have been nude on secluded beaches and last summer went to a nude beach. I was naked, wife did eventually but with her legs in the sunshade. She noticed all the women are shaved. My wife likes to keep herself natural - doesnt shave down...

How do you get into naturism?

How do you inspire? build confidence, if you are a family how you all come to agreement to start the naturism. how do you feel now the freedom?

Am I a true naturist if I shave down below?

Hey everyone, Am I going against the concept of naturism if I shave down below?

Steps into the nudist world, some reflections

After coming out of a long and steady relationship in which personal growth (as in breaking a bit free from being raised quite strictly) was limited in the area of following intuition and feeling, I made the tiny step some weeks ago to honour the...

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Hello, all!

Hi! I'm new to the site but have tried nudism a couple times and I REALLY love it. Truly, one of the best experiences of my life. Sadly, nothing really close to me... Any other people from South Coast of MA on here?

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Hi i am Joel and my wife Tanya we are new to the sight, still trying to get a pict with holding the sign, we are in southern Louisiana hoping to be able to join in a event when we can. I Think i will be able tojump right in but my wife may be a lil...

Curious Nudists

Me and my wife are thinking of becoming nudist, or at least trying a nude beach. We both dont have much experience being nude around others. Does anyone have any advice for new nudists? Is it socially acceptable to get an erection at a beach. If...


It's kinda of weird I thought sharing and posting my pics would be so easy only for me to get here and be a scared little kitty loll