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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

Is it wrong to wear shorts commando to work?

I would go nude if I could but.... Any thoughts about going commando to work will anyone be offended? The material is very thin but length is adequate.

Terrified teacher

Any teachers here that worry the lifestyle could get you fired? I really enjoy being nude outdoors and at the spa, and I appreciate finding a site like this, but Im too scared to put my face in any pictures because I dont want to lose my job. How...

so do we need to be aware of fake people...

I am not sure how to even approach this. Everytime I complete or update something in my profile I get a bunch views from some very attractive young women who want to instantly give me their number or start trading pictures. Now, I don't think I...

Perth Australia

Hey guys looking for singles, couples, families from Perth for talking and maybe meeting

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Single Men

Is it just me or is every other single man is facing the same issue. I cannot make any friends on here because Im a single man. Most couples/ women have no single men mentioned on their profiles. Guys think youre gay. Lol Im as it is scared and...

New guy from Wisconsin

Hi everyone. Im new to nudism. Looking to meet others

Couple in our 30s looking for real friends

Hey everybody,we are Chris and Rita, looking for real people who want to connect with other people who are new to nudism. Really looking for females or couples not far from our age who want to really get to know someone through messaging, text,...

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Edinburgh Newbie

Afternoon. Just joined today. Would like to get to know some local people so we can hang out, pun not intended but fitting lol. Live in loanhead. 38 and can appreciate a good chat. Introduce yourselves:)

Less Social Now

Hi all...I'm a relatively new nudist...been about 9 months now. I absolutely love it. Truly changed my life for the better and brought my family closer together. That being said I've found that I go out much less. I don't spend near as...

im new

Hello I'm new here, seeing what it's all about. Always considered myself abit of a nudist so I'm trying to expand on that =)