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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

wanted woman to be naked with me

woman in calgary meet your naked friend . enjoy life naked like to dance came to the naked club

How to take the next step

Im new to all of this not just TN. It is obvious that under the umbrella of nudity, people express themselves is so many different ways. People are looking for their own unique way and want their own unique thing. I am no different but when I...

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First Timer (sort of)

Hi, I'm sort of new to this, but not. I'm nude at home pretty much all of the time, and have friends who will spend time nude with me too. I also like to go camping nude, spend a few weekends outside free and out of clothes. As a young...

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What lead you to get into nudism?

Hi everyone, Social nudity isn't common in Australia, I'd grown up not really knowing about nudists and nudism, but that being naked was only for inside the house and by yourself or with a partner only. I'm interested to find out what it...

Midwest Newbie

Hey all, new to naturism and hoping to break out of my comfort zone and go to a naturist camp or resort this spring. Here in Iowa, it's too cold to get out and I can't seem to find much here in the way of naturist retreats or anything. What...

Hello from Texas

Just a single guy from the Houston area hoping to make some friends. I'm somewhat socially awkward, so making friends even in the textile world is difficult for me. And engaging nudists who are already suspicious of my intentions is downright...

Hello from Malaysia!

Hello everyone! I'm new to this nudist site and to nudism in general. I love modelling and when I first saw this, I feel very excited and I've always liked the idea of nudism...well I guess I can only be nude in my home as I live alone.

An excited newbie from South India

I'm 27, from Chennai India. I have been a lone nudist for a very long time. Recently discovered about those website and looking for fellow nudists to join together and have a conversation. To hangout and live a lifestyle. I don't hav any bar...

Hello Everyone

Hi All , My Name is Vaishali. I m from Bangalore. I m not exactly naturalist but i like being nude at home and i don like public display of nudity. I enjoy nude cooking . I Like to be friends with ppl who share similar thoughts on being naturalist.....

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