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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

Why you hate Indian/Asian

I have commonly observed people write my country's name and simply say do not contact. Isn't its a kind of racism? Do you consider everyone in our country are same with same mentality? No its not true, im not worried about whether you want to...

Newbie here

Hi I'm new here and looking to make some friends I'm in Pennsylvania near Gettysburg and would love to meet some people close to me but like to chat with everyone

Curious Nudists

Me and my wife are thinking of becoming nudist, or at least trying a nude beach. We both dont have much experience being nude around others. Does anyone have any advice for new nudists? Is it socially acceptable to get an erection at a beach. If not,...

Well I just decided to do it

After weeks of unsureI'm really happy that today I was able to just do it!It did feel a bit weird and I did it where not many people could seeBut the main thing is I finally did it!I've been seen nude by accident lots but this is the first...

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by Laurren 
I want to be proud of my body

Hello everyone. I'm new to nudism, and I want to learn more about it. Above all this, I want to be proud of my body the way it is. I hope I can get help from here and hopefully make some friends along the way.

Hey all!

Hello! Im a newbie nudist and Id love to meet more people in AZ, or near us (California, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado). I love to travel and try new things, especially outdoors! Super excited to have found this site and already be meeting some...

Friends request

Looking through here and the there is so many picky people who accept friends request also noticed a number of fake profiles using the same picture but a different name rant over


Hey guys, so Im completey new to the scene of naturalism. Ive always been naked every chance Ive gotten (indoors), but Im way to scared to go out nude or even post on here nude, just because I just grew up with the thought that it was a bad thing....

If You Were Me (Don't Know What My Fiance...

I'm a 27 y/o male, and I would love to try social nudism at least once with my beautiful 28 y/o fiance. I live in michigan and surprisingly have 3 different camps within a few hours drive that I can visit, but I can't figure out how to tell...

Diablo 3 or Borderland

Hello i play diablo 3 on pc, so im finding someone who help me to lvl up. Also in borderland. Have a nice day!

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