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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

Answering your Front Door when Nude.

On only my second day as a nudist in public, I had an inordinate amount of people at my front door from delivery guys and girls to charity people. What are your rules for answering the door nude?

Any nudists in the Chicago or Chicagoland...

Hey All, I'm new here and was hoping to find a group or multiple nudist groups and forums for the Chicagoland area. Does anyone have any insight they would be able to help me out wiht?! Thank you so much! Sean

New from wis

Me and my wife are new to public nudity. We enjoy being out on are boat, nude when no one is around. We are looking into venturing to blind Creek next fall or winter for are first public nude beach. Any tips? We have looked at haulover but we think...

The Complete Guide for the First Time Nudist

The first social nude experience can be overwhelming and many beginners have lots of questions.- Where do I go? A sauna, a nude beach, a nudist resort?- What are the rules?- Will people look at me?- What if my body does not really fit the ideal...

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Nude Hiking Virgin

So, I'm going to do it. I think I've built up the nerve. My idea of nudism is just being with nature. I mean, honestly, it would be nice to have someone to hike with, and I'm into the social aspects eventually. I'm just dipping my...


Just saying hello. Kinda newbie to nudism. 2 years now. (When does one go from newbie to old hat?) Hungry for connection. Living in a small town I have a hard time finding fellow nudist. But, when Im in Atlanta or Orlando or Jacksonville or wherever,...

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Not new to nudism but new to the site

There does not appear to be an area for introductions. So hello. New to the site, awaiting certification.

hi all from Sydney at home nudist

im a nudist at home going on since january 2019 , a new years resolution id guess you would say im quite comfortable havent frequented in public as yet, but i wear no clothes at home or any nderwear when not at home mainly shorts and t shirt so can...

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Louisana 24hr challenge

Fellow nudist. I have talked about trying nudism. But never follow through maybe an hour at most. But i am making myself due a 24hr at home nude experience. Any feed back would be great

Hey all!

Hello! Im a newbie nudist and Id love to meet more people in AZ, or near us (California, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado). I love to travel and try new things, especially outdoors! Super excited to have found this site and already be meeting some...