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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

waiting to be certified.

Ok so it said withing 48 hours you will know if your certification is approved or not. We are now at 48 hours and I still havent heard anything? What is the deal? You guys behind or something?

Hello Everyone

Hi All , My Name is Vaishali. I m from Bangalore. I m not exactly naturalist but i like being nude at home and i don like public display of nudity. I enjoy nude cooking . I Like to be friends with ppl who share similar thoughts on being naturalist.....

New Australian Nudist

Hi everyone, figured Id do a bit of an introduction, Im a 22 year old male from Australia, I've recently discovered nudism and as such have heaps and heaps of questions about the topic and exploration of it. I'd love to know if there are any...

About paying members

Are there any differences or advantages from free members other than free viewing of photos by special paid users? Do I need a credit card to become a paid member? I would appreciate it if you could teach me a simple procedure so that even if you do...

Fairlight - Hastings

Hi! Had my very first experience being nude today at fair light in Hastings and I loved it! It was 99% men and the women I saw were actually clothed! Is this normal? I was wondering if anyone can recommend anywhere good to go thats near Hastings or...

Getting my wife to try living a nude life.

I know this has been done to death. The husband trying g to get the reluctant wife to start going nude. I'm having some luck and will update as time passes. My story so far is I been a bit of a nudist for 30 years and near 40 I married my wife....

Hi fellow nudists

Just thought I'd say hi, I've been on the site a while but have never been very active until recently when I began going to a local resort. So if I've friended you, yes I am real lol I haven't had much time to chat between job, kids,...

Male newbie

Hi folks newbie dan here in irelamd looking to chat with other nudists enjoys naked everything would like to meet irish nudist couples or females from all places ( Thanks dan

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by Danni36 
Living in a textile family

I am having some issues with trying to live a nude lifestyle. My wife is not interested at all. I accept that. I walk around the house naked all the time, and she doesn't seem to mind terribly much. Her adult daughter (my stepdaughter) lives in...

Just a quick introduction!

Hello, I am new here and looking to meet people in the central Florida area that are nudists as well. I have slept naked for as long as I can remember; even as a kid I was always more comfortable without my pajamas on. As soon as I get home, I take...

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