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Introduction to Nudism and any of the awkward questions you may have

Nudist erection

Hey is it okay to get an erection at a nude beach or In public?

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by Eitangoldman 
Wife resistant to nudity

I'm a brand new nudist, at least in the open. The only person I've told is my wife, whom I thought would be more accepting than she has been. She says she is "open" to it, but I don't know if she really is. I work from home due...

Naturist Podcasts Anyone?

Hello Everyone, Lets create a list of our favorite Nudists podcasts. You may include your own podcast: Naked Colors Our Naked Story New Nudist Podcast

Nudism and exhibitionism

Many people will make a distinction between nudism and exhibitionism, and there is a difference i many cases, exhibitionists get a thrill from being seen,nudists are just comfortable not wearing clothes, and are fine being seen but not their main...

What lead you to get into nudism?

Hi everyone, Social nudity isn't common in Australia, I'd grown up not really knowing about nudists and nudism, but that being naked was only for inside the house and by yourself or with a partner only. I'm interested to find out what it...

Just joined!

Hi First Time on the Site. Looking to meet happy kind hearted people.

Looking for a female holiday partner age...

Hello everyone. Im not sure if I am in the right part of the site to be posting this message but in brief my name is David and I am an English man 57 years who is alone but not lonely and more to the point I am fed up going on holiday on my own and...

First nudist beach experience

Hey guys just wanted to say hello. Had my first nudist beach experience recently and it was amazing. Anyone remember there first time and how they felt before/after? Not many opportunities for naturism in North West England. Hope to get to a nudist...

newbie making online friends

Hello! i didn't know where to start. I am 27, straight, married without kids. I want to meet real naturist friends to talk about anything and get more comfortable with nudity, since i have never been naked around anyone before. I absolutely...

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