Naked Sailing

Sailing Crew West Palm Beach Area and...

If there are any real sailors out there that are interested in being crew after 1/1/22in FL or maybe in the Bahamas let me know. I have a male friend who will be looking for crew on and off over the winter. He would prefer a couple but open to...

My Ideal Sailboat.

I am thinking about parting with my old 19 foot day sailor and moving up to a 20 or 25 foot boat. The Alerion 20 or 28 would be fantastic but I need a shoal draft and it looks like only the 28 has it available and it's a wee bit pricey. I dont...

Long Distance Nude Boating

Has anyone here been on a long boat trip mostly or exclusively nude? On the Kon Tiki transpacific voyage some years ago, it was reported that the crew spent much of the time nude. While not sailing, there have been several articles that long...

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There are nude boaters out there.

First time in years I finally saw another nude sailor. Passed a Hunter 320, with 2,guys and a girl enjoying the full sun. For years I thought I was the only bare one Long Island Sound.

Best day/worst day

So, i have decided to sell my sailboat. Unfortunately my kids decided sailing is no fun. My 15 year old Dad its so slow!!! I just want hang out with my friends!!! My 8 used to like it because we let him fish or pull toys behind the boat. But I think...

Who is sailing?

I would like to know, who is sailing? What are you sailing and maybe some places you have sailed? Let's start the conversation!

It's getting warmer!!

Fantastic little solo-sail today! Warm sun, mild swells, flukey breezes; alone time is highly underrated! Bring on the hot!!

Need crew?

I'm looking to go sailing on California's Central Coast and would be happy to crew for somebody. I also like being naked and would consider anywhere between San Diego and San Francisco. I used to own a Chrysler Mutineer and have sailed...

Southern California

I will be learning to sail soon, (July 2021) and need time aboard a sail boat to gain hours for my skippers certification. If you have a sail boat, or just want to charter and go, let me know! I can be emailed at

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Surprised by visitors

There is jetty about a mile offshore and I am anchored on the lees side about 15 ft away doing some nude sunbathing. I hear voices then see 2 guys climbing over the rocks from the windward side wearing snorkeling gear. We just waved. I think they...

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